Gran Saga Trailer Promise a New Jaw Dropping MMORPG for Mobile and PC

Guild of Guardians
MMORPG lovers will definitely have something to look forward to from NPIXEL, one of the newest Korean game developer, as they officially reveal the gameplay trailer for the much awaited debut of Gran Saga; a brand new online RPG game that features cross-platform play between between PC and mobile phones.

Originally announced last 2019, Gran Saga boast of highly-detailed graphics that are quiet similar with console games thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 that was used by its developer .

The characters bears an anime inspired look while the world is massive and visually appealing. Gran Saga’s story will put the players in the shoes of a Knight who is bound to save a kingdom from the curse of a villainous dragon.

Details as to what are the other features of the game is not yet unraveled although its combat system will be base from the Gran weapon system which gives player various playstyle to experiment depending on their chosen weapons.

On their official Korean website, 20 weapon ranging from big bad swords, wicked claws to magic staves are already revealed and their design was nothing but spectacular.

Furthermore, the six main characters of Gran Saga has also been shown with their corresponding elemental attributes and brief flavor text.

NPIXEL assures that beside the graphics, Gran Saga will also have a strong narrative element that will keep the players hooked while immersing themselves to the game.

Gran Saga will be officially launched in Korea this year and its global version is expected to be launched either the later months of 2021 to 2022.