Granblue Fantasy: Relink will launch in 2022 for PS5, PS4 and PC via Steam Latest Details and Teaser Trailer released

Publisher Cygames and developer Cygames Osaka announced that Granblue Fantasy: Relink will also be available on PC alongside its PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions. The game will launch worldwide in 2022.

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New details have been released by the company such as its new playable character, the game’s modes, and the list of all the playable characters of the game.

Here the new contents revealed for Granblue Fantasy: Relink:
Rolan (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya) - This man serves as the vicar of a local church for a remote town within the Zegagrande Skydom and acts as a handyman on the side. He provides support for the crew on their journey, though partly for his own personal reasons.
Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an action RPG that has two game modes: Main Story and Quests.
Main Story (single-player) – Discover what is happening to the Zegagrande Skydom in this exciting, narrative-driven single-player adventure.
In the Main Story, it will have three different levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. you can choose either of those to suit your kind of game style.
Quests (single-player / multiplayer) – Progress through the main story to unlock new content, which supports up to four-player online co-op.
In Quests, since it can be played either solo or with a squad, if your online co-op friends aren’t available, you can bring the game’s CPU-controlled allies to help you with your quest.


Aside from Rolan, two more characters have been announced and added into the playable character pool. Here are the current characters available: Main Character (Gran / Djeeta), Katalina, Rackam, Io, Eugen, Rosetta, Lancelot, Vane, Percival, Siegfried, and the newly announced characters: Charlotta and Yodarha.

As the game’s official English and Japanese website was also relaunched, several informations are now available and can be read in the site:



To the Promised Land, the Girl in Blue Appears

“There exists a world where islands of all shapes and sizes float in a sea of clouds. It is a world forsaken by the gods.

Once upon a time, people known as the Astrals attempted to seize control of this world with their overwhelming might, but the citizens of the skies repelled the invaders, thus ushering in a new era of peace.

Living on a little-known island in a remote part of the skies, you find a letter left behind by your father telling you to set off for a legendary island.

However, before you leave, you meet a mysterious girl named Lyria, inevitably setting the wheels of fate in motion.”


Welcome to the Zegagrande Skydom

“The legendary Island of the Astrals, Estalucia, is still out there, waiting to greet you intrepid travelers. But until then, the journey continues in the skies to the west, where a new story will unfold.”

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Born to the Wind, Citizens among the Clouds

“The Sky Realm is home to numerous islands and their people. Four races have come together to shape civilization. Humans may not seem like anything special, but they play the largest role in society.

Erunes are easily distinguishable by their large ears and attractive looks. Many of them are blessed with a talent for magic.

Harvins are on the smaller side, but their wisdom and business acumen are nothing to sneeze at.

Draphs have large horns and powerful physiques. Proud of their strength, quite a few go into occupations that require physical labor, such as smithing or construction.”

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Primal Beasts, Living Weapons Made by the Astrals

“Created by the Astrals, these great beasts were gifted with god-like powers.

In the aftermath of the War—which ended roughly 500 years ago—the remaining beasts fell into a slumber throughout the skies, where their presence deeply influenced the development of local customs.

Primal beasts only obey the Astrals, thus the rampage of an awakened primal is akin to a grand-scale calamity. However, some people possess a devout belief that these divine beings are a part of nature and thus shouldn’t be pacified.”

If you want to know more about Granblue Fantasy: Relink, here is the game’s official website and its official Twitter account.