Grand Collection Chest Guide ( Fedimian Route)

Discussion in 'Tree of Savior' started by LockDown, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. LockDown


    Lv121 Starving Demon's Way: HP REC+5


    Lv124 Pilgrim Path: SP REC+3


    Lv127 Altar Way: ACC+1[​IMG]

    Lv130 Forest of Prayer: EVA+1[​IMG]

    Lv132 Residence of the Fallen Legwyn Family: CATK+1


    Lv133 Apsimesti Crossroads: CRATE+1


    Lv137 Main Chamber: CRES+1


    Lv140 Grand Corridor: STA+1


    Lv143 Penitence Route of Great Cathedral: WEIGHT+50


    Lv145 Sanctuary: MAMP+2

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