Grand Fantasia Mobile Revealed

Taiwanese developer X-Legend Entertainment revealed a couple weeks ago that they are back to their roots of MMORPG with Grand Fantasia Reborn. X-Legend houses several games such as Grand Fantasia, Aura Kingdom and many more though they have yet found success. Said games are popular nevertheless and that proves something.


Grand Fantasia Reborn is the mobile version of Grand Fantasia, it was a PC MMORPG developed by Aeria Games. It will feature four basic classes: namely Warrior, Archer, Monk and Mage. These four classes could be further specialized through their own two advancements.


X-Legend Entertainment is a Taiwan based video game developing company while Aeria Games formerly known as Aeria Games and Entertainment is an online game publisher that already previously worked with X-Legend Entertainment with Grand Fantasia.

Further updates will be made so stay tuned!
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