Grand Theft Auto 6? Plans For Next Grand Theft Auto Game In Early Development PC 

After several alleged leaks, rumors and even a false announcement of March 25 released that made the whole gaming community getting frustrated (with a scratch on their head), Rockstar has now given a more concrete and verified update about the next sequel to the top-grossing action game series.

Although it was never named as GTA 6, Rockstar confirmed that they are already planning for the next Grand Theft Auto series and it seems it's going to follow the current scheme of GTA online. According to the game developer, it will be released in "moderate size" which will be expanded over time with downloadable updates.

This will be unlike the previous GTA games that have a standalone and large game content. As to why Rockstar decided the next GTA will be like this, the simple answer is to lessen the stress and "crunch" that puts all their staff in unhealthy state knowing that previous GTA games demand 55 to 60 hours per week to finish; something that Rockstar finally recognizes as a threat in a long run for their employees.

The "crunch" culture which seems to be a trend in many game developing companies referred to unhealthy overnight and weekend working practice that push developers to finish a game. Rockstar wanted to be better this year by ensuring that their staff wellness will be put in top priority which leads them to have a flexible working schedule and feedback mechanism for them thus, cutting and minimizing the crunch on their company in the hope that they can diminish the crunch culture they have for a long time.

There are no dates for now if when the next GTA will be live or whether the setting will return to Liberty or Vice City but surely the wait is worth it once we finally see ourselves once more in the familiar gangster universe of the new generation GTA game.