Grand Theft Auto VI is rumored to be released in 2024

Rumors have been circulating online that claims Microsoft knows when Rockstar will release GTA VI. Fans of Rockstar Games titles have been eagerly waiting for any news about any of the company’s games as the last Grand Theft Auto was launched a decade ago. It also has been four years since Red Dead Redemption 2.

gta vi.png

As part of the ongoing debacle between Microsoft, Sony, and the regulators for the purchase of Activision, Microsoft filed a document that discusses the value of the contributions that Activision's rivals make in the gaming industry. Microsoft also states in the filing that it expects Grand Theft Auto VI to be published by 2024.

gta vi.1.png

The excerpt above was taken from the filing. However, it was found out that Microsoft does not really know when the game will be released since according to Bloomberg, Rockstar is not even expecting for the game to be released before 2024 but instead Take-Two projected that there will be a significant growth by the end of that year. Some rumors suggest that the game might be ready by that time.

As it turns out, it’s safe to assume that Grand Theft Auto VI is still years away before it will be available to all eager fans of GTA, especially after the studio suffered from one of the largest security breaches in the gaming industry.