Granny 3 Beginners Guide and Question Answers

Another game from DVloper will scare you out of your wits again with the new installment of the Granny series, Granny 3.

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Granny 3 is another puzzle/horror game. Player is again locked up in the house of granny and grandpa. You’ll need to escape while avoiding the said residents of the scary house. There is also a new Slendrina character that will pop out whenever just to scare you.

In this new installment, the main goal to escape the house is first, lower the drawbridge which you need to crank the handle and open the gate. Opening the gate requires power so you’ll need a fuse to activate the gate machine which is on the top floor. To do these, you’ll have to roam the entire house to look for clues and items to help you while staying hidden. For locked doors inside the house, look directly at the lock and hold the lock pick when it appears to open it.

To move through the game, there is a joystick on the bottom left and for looking around, you'll just need to swipe around. Tap the person icon on the upper left to crouch. Crouching will make you move slowly and quietly. It will also let you access small hiding areas. If you stand beside a bed or couch, it will prompt you to hide underneath them. Some tall cupboards are also good hiding spots. Don’t even think of unlocking the doors while being chased, it’s not a good idea since unlocking doors takes a few seconds each time.


To escape, various items that need to be used in the right places are located throughout the house. Some items will help you directly or some will let you open boxes or safes to let you find another useful item. To make this more challenging, whenever you start a new game the items that you found will not be placed again wherever you found them. Below are a list of items that you will find throughout the house if searched meticulously.
  1. Lockpick - To open doors. You will find this at the start outside your cell door.
  2. Firewood - To start a fire on the second floor. You can find this in the kitchen cupboard, basement room, or roof.
  3. Safe Key - To open the safe in the bathroom. You can find this on the first floor drawers, other drawers in the house, coconut or on Slendrina.
  4. Matches - To light fire. You can find this in the kitchen drawers, shed or other drawers.
  5. Plank - Used to cross a broken floor. You can find this outside(behind the shed) or in Slendrina’s room.
  6. Stones - Used as a bullet for the slingshot. You can find this outside, it can hold up to 3 stones.
  7. Coconut(something inside) - Locations are on the top floor small room, in the safe, or on a rafter on the roof.
  8. Shed key - To open the shed. It can be found on the bird nest on the roof.
  9. Teddy - This is for Slendrina. You can find this on the shed, kitchen cupboard, sofa on the first floor or basement cell.
  10. Vases - For the basement locked box. It can be found on a rafter in the roof and will need a slingshot.
  11. Weapon Key - For weapon locker. Locations are in the coconut or in the drawers.
  12. Generator cable - For the generator in the shed. Can be found in the top floor small room blocked by a hole in the floor.
  13. Bridge crank handle - To lower the drawbridge.

Your location in Granny 3 is inside Granny and Grandpa’s big, old and scary house where you need to navigate throughout to find items that will help you escape and locate places that are good hiding spots. Below is a guide that can help you in moving throughout the house and of course, the places of the item where you will likely find them.

  • The location of your cell. Pick up the lock pick outside of your cell to open the cell door. There are 2 more cells in here. The left cell has a locked box inside and the other is an opened cell where you can check for items in the shelves.
Ground floor
  • Move up to the hallway, there are several drawers you can check for items. Has a small room with a TV and a sofa that you can use to hide. Weapons locker on the wall that contains a slingshot. Needs a weapon key. Front door leads to the outside. Kitchen is also located here. A lot of cupboards to check for items and a dumb waiter lift that you can use to move between floors but needs a power to operate. There is also a barrel of water here. Back door leads to the outside.
  • The drawbridge is here that will give you an access to the gate. Do not step on the moat. Guillotine is located in the back of the house, use this to cut coconut. Old car is in the front, open the truck and look inside the front seat to find items. Stones are on the ground for the slingshot.
First floor
  • Landing that has a drawer unit and piano for you to check. The stairs for the second floor are located here. There is a locked door, use the lock pick to move into the corridor. To the right you’ll see a large bathroom with a wall safe in the pillar that needs a safe key and a cupboard to hide in. to the far left is a small room with a fireplace that will need firewood and matches to make fire, a bed you can hide under, and a drawer to check. There is also a dining room here with a large table, a dumb waiter access and a cupboard. If you look above you’ll see a hole in the ceiling which you can use to get down.
Second floor
  • Unlocked small room with a drawers and a bed. A locked door that takes you through a room with a spiral staircase that is an access through the roof. A red gate machine is here that has a button to unlock the exit game. Needs a fuse and power. Move through the corridor and use the plank to cross the holed floor. Find hidden vases in the rafter. Use a slingshot to shoot down. Slendrina’s room is also here but you can’t access it.
  • Use the spiral stairs and get out through the broken window. Be careful not to fall. There are 2 holes here that lead to the small room with the bed and the other leads to Slendrina’s room. A chimney with a bird's nest that usually has a key is here. Light the fireplace to get rid of the bird.
Slendrina’s Room
  • Use the hole in the roof to enter this room but do this very carefully. Crouch and gently move forward. There is a wheelchair, hole in the floor, and dumb waiter access. To the back is a room with a mannequin and an old crib. Place the teddy here to summon Slendrina to gain an item.

Here in the last section of this article, the frequently asked questions regarding Granny 3 will now be answered.
  1. How do I get the vases? You can find the vases on a rafter on the roof.
  2. How do I enter Slendrina’s room? The room is located on the second floor however you can only access it through the hole in the roof.
  3. How do I get the vases from the rafters on the roof? Use the slingshot to shoot them down.
  4. How do I open the coconut? Use the guillotine located outside. Use the backdoor in the kitchen.
  5. What do you do with the pedestals in the back room in the basement? You need 2 vases from the roof. Fill each of them with water from the barrel in the kitchen then place the vases on the pedestals. You’ll find a padlock key to open the floor box.
  6. How do I get out of my cell? You’ll find a lock pick outside of your cell. Crouch to pick up the item.
  7. What do I do with the teddy? Bring the teddy to Slendrina’s room and place it on the crib to summon Slendrina to gain an item.
  8. How do I light the firewood? Find a match. Check different drawers to locate the match.
  9. Where is the safe? It’s located in the bathroom on the first floor.
  10. How do I get the key from the bird’s nest? Light the firewood in the fireplace on the first floor to chase away the bird.
  11. Where is teddy? Check different cupboards to find teddy because it changes its placement whenever you start a new game.
  12. Where can I find the padlock key? Check different drawers to find the padlock key because it changes its placement whenever you start a new game.
Hope all the information above will help you in playing Granny 3. Enjoy and have fun while being scared while playing the game!

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