Grant Duane “Kelra” Pillas is Suspended after saying Homophobic and Sexist Remarks in a Livestream

Omega Esports pro player Kelra, is currently under fire for saying homophobic and sexist remarks againsts his co-pro players in the MPL community.


In a now deleted video that originated from TikTok user @secsipa, Kelra was heard saying homophobic remark against the V33Wise duo after one of the players of RRQ Squad said that both him and Kelra is the same as the V33Wise duo. In retaliation, Kelra told him, “No!” and added, “Wise and V33nus b**wj*b each other” followed by his boisterous laughter.

The clip was taken from RRQ Hoshi’s Albert “Alberttt” Iskandar live stream. In the same live stream, Kelra further dug his grave deeper by saying sexist remarks against IDONOTSLEEP Esports’ Patchara “Ramella” Korpakdee. To say the least, what he said is disgusting and Ramella should not have received those kinds of words.


MPL personalities Caisam “Wolf” Nopueto and Theo “Uomi” Igancio gave their piece of mind on the issues Kelra is facing.

Due to the outrage of the MLBB PH community, MPL PH issued a 14-day suspension and imposed a fine towards the 16 year old pro player. Moreover, MPL PH gave a serious warning against Kelra and his team, Omega Esports.


Also, MPL PH now requires all the franchise teams to attend a Gender Sensitivity and Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Seminar.

Meanwhile, Kelra posted a public apology statement on his official Facebook page.

sorry daw.png

People who enjoy playing MLBB or people who are part of the competitive scene of Mobile Legends should be able to enjoy what they love to do and be able to feel safe in the environment that they are in. Always remember to be mindful of what you say and always be respectful. Nobody deserves to be treated poorly and hear inappropriate remarks towards them.