Gravity & Extreme Studio New Game Project “Ragnarok Battle Academy (ROBA)”

Gravity & Extreme Studio announced the Co-development of the New Game Project “Ragnarok Battle Academy (ROBA)”

On the 1st of September 2019, Gravity and Extreme Studio announced the collaboration for the development of the new game project, “Ragnarok Battle Academy (ROBA)”.

It is known to everyone that Ragnarok Online has been the most popular MMORPG game for all gamers around the world especially in Thailand under the publishing operation of Electronics Extreme.

Assuring to remain leading in the gaming industry, Electronics Extreme has also established Extreme Studio in 2016 to develop games and applications. Moreover, with Electronics Extreme’s excellent knowledge and experience with Ragnarok, Gravity decided to start co-developing the new Ragnarok’s IP project with them.

Gravity’s COO, Mr. Kitamura Yoshinori said,
“I'm really pleased to have the co-developing contract of ROBA project with Extreme Studio.”
He added,
“With our experience and determination, Gravity and Extreme Studio will develop ROBA to be a successful game to get good feedbacks from all users around the world.”
He continued,
“In order to provide steady service to players, we will do our best in developing the game to its finest.”

Electronic Extreme’s CEO, Thanin Piromward remarked,
“I’m very delighted to have the opportunity to co-develop the game with Gravity, the experienced company that is well known in gaming industry.”
He added,
“I do believe that ROBA will bring a new excitement to the gaming industry because no matter if you are a Ragnarok player or a new genre gamer, you can enjoy the game for sure. The fun gameplay comes along with cute & trendy graphic for everyone. You all will be sure to enjoy this version of Ragnarok.”
“Being the Thai developer to co-develop the game project with the experienced developer like Gravity, it is the significant step of gaming industry in Thailand.”

Ragnarok Battle Academy is the “battle royale genre combined with Ragnarok’s RPG style”. The concept of ROBA is to simulate the Training Academy in ROBA’s world to be like the Training Ground of Ragnarok Online. Users who join this battle ground will start being Novice. They need to practice and survive by using good teamwork tactics; hunting monsters and bosses around the ROBA’s world to gain EXP; and get better equipment. Choosing the proper weapons and skills in different conditions will let users have an advantage in a fight. Users must also find ways to avoid the Red Zone and defeat other players to be the last survivor, winning the game.

The development of ROBA is currently at 80%. It’s under the testing and checking process to make sure that the game will be completed and perfected. After the game’s finished, it will be launched in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Gravity Co., Ltd. is a globally known online game company that was founded on April of 2000, during infancy of Korean gaming industry. As a leader in the industry, Gravity became the only domestic game company listed on NASDAQ directly. Gravity has developed MMORPG Ragnarok Online that has been serviced in domestic and worldwide market acquiring a wide range of player. Gravity also provides IPTV service game using Pororo character and various genre of mobile titles. Furthermore, Gravity is continuing to grow its business reach as a global publishing business by expanding its service with Ragnarok Online IP related games as well as other games of various genre and platform.

Electronics Extreme (EXE) was founded in 2014 with a management team comprised of over 15 years experienced veterans in gaming industry and more than 200 staff who understand the needs of fellow gamers. With their main mission and determination of “providing fun and happiness to our customers with better gaming experience”, Electronics Extreme has already become a leading online game publisher in Thailand. Not only the operation in game publishing, Electronics Extreme also covers the services of channeling, marketing, and customer service for business process outsourcing with a strategic position in the hub of Southeast Asia.

In 2016, Electronics Extreme has established a new studio in Thailand aiming to develop games under the name “EXTREME STUDIO (EXS)”. Currently, EXS is developing top-notch mobile game title with Ragnarok IP, ROBA, to serve global market in the near future.

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