Gravity Neocyon Has Began Their Development Hiring For The New Mobile MMORPG Project S

A subsidiary under Ragnarok Online, Gravity Neocyon which has developed games such as Puzzle & Dragon and the successful Action RO2: Spear of Odin, has announced that they are in need of people for many new positions because of the development of the new mobile game, Project S.


Project S is a MMORPG based on Ragnarok IP. It was already announced last year, June 2020. This mobile title will be crafted using Unity. This direction should not be surprising given the success of the two latest mobile MMORPG titles on the market, but Gravity would eventually generate less revenue due to the fact that they are produced and released by different companies.


According to reports, Gravity Neocyon has around 220 employees as of 2020. If you think you have the qualifications to be part of the development team for Project S, then you should apply for one of the positions available because you never know, you might be one of the lucky ones. For now, stay tuned for updates on Project S!