Gravity Tapped Tiktok Developer ByteDance For The Upcoming Ragnarok X: Next Generation

The Ragna fever is still on fire today as the nostalgic game continues to expand its repertoire with a new follow up after the launching of Ragnarok: The Beginning in South Korea.

Ragnarok X Next Generation.jpg

Ragnarok X: The Next Generation is about to take the SEA region by a storm soon with Gravity taking an interesting step for the said MMORPG by striking a joint publishing contract with ByteDance, the developer behind famous apps like Tiktok and

Ragnarok X boasts of the same classic RO vibes and core gameplay fully rendered in 3D graphics that retain its cute and cuddly visual trademark. But if players wanted to really reminisce the old RO look, they can opt for a 2.5D graphics instead.

Like the previous RO games, RO X will also capitalize on the Stats Systems that make to fully engage players for highly customize character creation in the game. The classic job class, Marketplace, and Party system also stay in the game although we are more excited as to what new features and unique twist will be provided for this new game since most of its available are all available in the current Ragnarok Eternal Love mobile game.

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Ragnarok X actually released its CBT last year in China under the name of Ragnarok M: The Next Generation but currently is not available anymore for download.

Other details that we know so far about the new RO game for mobile is the prevailing element of Theme Parks has been duly noted in the website of Gravity plus, players can ride and enjoy Carousel and Toy Train in the game too. The lore of the game begins with your character being a descendant of the god Odin who is tasked to control Ymir's Heart to prevent a great disaster in Rune Midgard.

With the announced partnership with ByteDance, expect Ragnarok X to also maximize and capitalize on the trendy element of Tiktok today as it prepares its launching date in the second half of 2020 in areas like Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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