Gravity will release new mobile game: Ragnarok Origins

There is never enough Ragnarok games that we can play and Gravity knows that. Reminiscent of the old Ragnarok games, Gravity announced that a new Ragnarok game will be released on mobile gaming platform, named: Ragnarok Origins. Gravity announced that the game will be one of the main title lineups for the company.

Gravity has expressed its desire for Ragnarok Origins to have the similar vibe of the original Ragnarok game by recreating the elements of the original one with improvements in the graphics and mechanical gameplay using the latest technology available today. The game will also feature a bigger map and a brand new lifestyle system, which allows the players to do things like mine, fish, gardening and many more!

There is no denial the a lot of players especially here in the Philippines just love playing Ragnarok games. A lot of people made good memories out of that game. Especially the older gamers (maybe you?). So if the game will really be a recreation of the old Ragnarok game the Pinoys used to love years ago, this will definitely be a well received game here in our country. And if it's not, well, it's hard to hate a Ragnarok game!

Are you excited to try out the game already?The game will be properly introduced by Gravity in the upcoming G-star event this 2019.

Meanwhile, watch the promotional video of the game below!



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Nov 10, 2022
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It is not even in both IOS AppStore and Android PlayStore. They did release this in SEA but not including Philippines. Though you can still download the game via APK.