Gravity's 3D MMORPG RAGNAROK Vertical launches early access for Android devices

Gravity's 3D MMORPG, RAGNAROK Vertical, which is based on the popular Ragnarok franchise, is now available to Android users in Indonesia as an early access release. The game will be available with a number of other mobile IP-based games, including Ragnarok Arena, Ragnarok Origin, and RAGNAROK 20 HEROES.


According to the developers' description, RAGNAROK Vertical is a tribute to Gravity's original Ragnarok Online. It's obvious from the name that this will be a vertical experience on your screens. However, they have provided the freedom to easily flip between horizontal and vertical screens so that you can relive the nostalgia.

You can interact and explore the environment with your character in this passable gameplay. Select from the six legendary classes—Mage, Swordsman, Archer, Acolyte, Merchant, and Thief—to embark on numerous quests with your companions. You can also put up your stall and participate in player-to-player trade and auctions to get rare things.


In addition to buddies, you may also enjoy the companionship of cute animals, such as foolish alpacas and pink porings, which will bring a lovely element to your games. Whether you're online or not, you may easily level up and get rewards thanks to a special idle system. Overall, based on how it appears, I can conclude that it almost perfectly recreates the original MMORPG experience.

Indonesian players can now play RAGNAROK Vertical in early access on their Android smartphones; there is presently no information available about the iOS version or the game's complete worldwide release. Watch this area as we will be updating the news here if it is revealed.