Green Camo PS4 Controller

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by LockDown, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. LockDown


    A new controller for the PlayStation 4 has been announced by Sony, A green camo variant controller will be released around December in the market for the new Dualshock Controller. Sony already offers a camo DualShock 4 in the form of the urban camo controller, so this is just the latest addition to the camo line. The new green camo controller goes on sale in late December.


    In addition to black, other DualShock 4 controller color options include gold, silver, white, red, and blue. The announcement of the green camo DualShock 4 controller today comes just a day before the PlayStation 4 Pro console goes on sale. The $400 system, which is a more powerful version of the standard PS4, launches on November 10.

    source via gamespot
  2. george castro

    george castro
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    ganda naman ng controller na yan astig
  3. ojitoy

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    Team: oj

    ganda bro available na sa itech
  4. _metzeller

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    Any Ideas po about Fake DS4? Is there Fake DS4 v2?
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