Greenwich Blacklist Overload Bundle, TikTok's Greatest Gamer, LAC esports multi supplements, and more

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers discuss TikTok's Greatest Gamer reality contest, Naraka Bladepoint becoming free to play, LAC esports multi supplements, Greenwich Blacklist Overload Bundle, Noctilucent: Before Dawn, The Game Final Fantasy 16 Author Backlash, and Jeepney Simulator.

LAC Supplements
While browsing for topics I saw this on the Spin website. Apparently, there is an esports supplement On the packaging it states: Level up focus and energy. Enhance visual acuity and tracking, and Boost cognitive power. The tagline is “for elite games and esports athletics”, It does have Vitamins A,C,D,E, and Zinc, Centrum? I've never tried and will not try it so i have no take, IT will cost around 3,000 php.

Blacklist Bundle
So apparently there is a new Greenwich bundle and its called the Blacklist Overload Bundle. It's a limited-edition menu from Greenwich that costs P595. The bundle comes with 9-inch Roast Beef & Cream Cheese Overload Pizza and two Lasagna Supreme Chicken Combo with drinks. Its blacklist because you get 1 free photocard of Blacklist players. There are 6 which you can collect, and you can pick which card you’re getting. “It took a village to get this done but we’re here. we’re on the menu of every Greenwich store in the country. A meal is named after us!” - Tier One’s Commercial Partnerships Director. The Blacklist Overload Bundle is available in all Greenwich restaurants nationwide via dine-in and take-out orders until August 13, 2023

Naraka Bladepoint
Is anyone familiar with Naraka Bladepoint? Its a PVP mythical melee battle royale game that can have up to 60 players. Naraka: Bladepoint first launched for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on August 11 2021 followed by Xbox Series on June 23, 2022, and Xbox One on December 22, 2022. Well apparently is coming out on PS5 on July 13. All PlayStation 5 users will receive a Katana skin, a Ryuzan Frost Reflection, and two Immortal Treasures. PS Plus players will get more. But wait there's more it's also becoming free to play. The developer 24 Entertainment announced. So free starting on July 13. I think this is good, ive heard positive reviews from the game tbh

I wanst aware of this pero its seems like TikTok has a reality content called “TikTok's Greatest Gamer”, anyone familiar? Basically Ten players will be chosen to stay in a villa for three weeks and compete in various real-world and gaming challenges. Too late audition was closed it started last May 24 and until June 14. But now we have 10 finalists out of the 6,000 gamers who auditioned . Here are the names: "Alvin" Recto, Dan Levi "Levi" Cuevas, Dave "Dave" Balaaldia, Ezequiel "Ezequiel" Cauilan, Jan Paolo "Paolo" Abanes, Jhon Michelvin "Kelvin" Verango, John Yoshi "JY" Magbag, Joshua "Batosai" Camba, Ron Marcus "Roma" Manalang, and Ronald James "Rwizzz" Cabugoy. So yeah the winner will get 250k cash and a contract with Smart Omega for a chance to be included in the MLBB roster

Jeepney Simulator
For our first update, there is an upcoming Simulator game called Jeepney Simulator. This is an indie game you can wish list on Steam, it's being developed by two students so let use know if you want us to invite them as a guest in the near future.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Who watches Jujutsu Kaisen? During the Bandai Namco Summer Showcase at Anime Expo 2023. It was revealed by Bandai and developer Byking that they are making a 2v2 action game based on Jujutsu Kaisan. The game will be available on the majority of platforms except mobile. Based on the trailer it looks decent, excerpt the English dub.

A new game set in the 16th and 19th centuries has been announced. It's about a boy who stumbles on an old photograph while searching for the truth, basically suspense. This game is called Noctilucent: Before Dawn and its releasing on android and ios. Oh yeah I forgot to mention this game will launch on the Erolabs platform. So imagine tears of themes but not in a wholesome way.

FF16 The Gamer
Remember the videogame journalist who was complaining about the Cammy outfit? She was also the one reason why BBC apologized to JK Rowling coz of a possible defamation. Well, she's back, with a new article called “Does Final Fantasy 16 Even Want To Be A Video Game?” TLDR: She finds it a slow burn and then compares it to Game of thrones. Oh yeah did I mention she only played the game for 4 hours? Don't get me wrong 4 hours are enough for most games some do it less, you can check Steam review

for that. But you are a video game journalist? That's a different discussion

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