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Apr 22, 2019
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Wazzup guys so ako po ulit si legendbeast. This Guide is Grock Support Guide yung isa kong ginawa is Fighter Grock. Start na po tayo sa emblems config and spell.

For Emblem: Focusing Mark (level 20)
After dealing damage to an enemy hero, the damage dealt by allies on the enemy hero will be increased by 6% for 3s. This effect has a 6s cooldown. So Ito po ang emblem dito sa guide na to focus po ito sa pag damage ng kakampi mo sa kalaban pag may Mark na sila.
emblem config.
Tier 1: 3 Points for Agility
Tier 2: 3 Points for Rupture.

With this emblem config mas mabilis mabu-burst ng kakampi mo ang kalaban and dahil sa 1st skill ni grock is sobrang lakas din.

Spell: Retribution para mahelp nyo magfarm ang kakampi.
Execute para naman sa damage neto.

BUILD: This build po ay support grock.

Rapid Boots----> Increase movement speed bagay po sa passive ni grock.

Blade Of Heptaseas----> decrease armor ng kalaban by 25 points.

Athena Shield----> Eto po ang magiging defense item nyo po.

Dominance Ice----> Reduce movement speed ng nearby enemy and attack speed use this po if may MM kalaban.

Courage Bulwark---> pag ginamit nyo po ang passive nito increase attack power by 10% and movement speed ng nearby allies. At isa pa pong passive neto is Nearby Soldier can take more defense turret damage.

Immortality---> para po mabuhay ulit after mamatay.May magic res at hp bonus din po ito.

Skills Explanation:
Passive--> (Ancestral gift)
When Grock is near a
wall or turret, his
movement speed
increases by 10%, he
also gains increased physical and magic resistances and increased HP regen by 23-135 pts (this effect
scales with level) So mas makunat po sya pag malapit sa wall or turrets. One of the most unique passive in
mobile legend. Ancestral gift
significantly increases Grock armor
and magic resist as long as he stays
around a wall or turret. The
movement speed bonus is also very useful for Grock to roam aroundthe map; you can easily help your teammates at other lanes. So, if possible please stay around the wall or tower to fully utilize Grock passive skill potential.
1st skill---> (Power of nature)
Raises weapon to sweep nearby
enemies, dealing
physical damage and slowing them
down for2 seconds. Damage scales
with charge time. Stay near
to a wall while casting this skill to
become immune to Crowd Control
effects. Eto po ang gagamitin nyo
pangharass sa kalaban.
2nd skill---> (Guardian Barrier)
Fires a shockwave towards a target location, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 physical damage. Then he shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemies for 5 seconds.Eto po yung pangharang nya at pang trap sa kalaban at syempre pang clash na din po.
Note: Guardian Barriers can be used for:
★Zoning out enemies from (tower,turtle,lord)
★Trapping enemies
★Splitting enemies duringclash para mawala yung formation nila
★To save your teammates from enemies/danger.
Guardian Barrier is the most difficult skill ni grock. If magamit mo ng tama pwede mo maiba ang outcome ng clasj or even change the game result. If mali naman pag gamit mo may impact ito sa sarili mong team.
Ultimate Skill---> (Wild Charge)
Charges forward dealing physical damage to enemy path. Hitting a wall or turret allows him to deal more damage and reduce cooldown of this skill by 30%. Eto po ang panginitiate ng clash nya or gank mas ok po gamitin din to after mo mag2nd skill or kung nasa jungle kayo mas madali tatama sa wall, pwede din sa turret pagtower dive.
1st max your 1st skill and 2nd skill. level up your ult if pwede. Grock is early to mid game hero so dapat iharass nyo kalaban gamit 1st skill.
For skill combo check my other grock guide. #MLTLG_Grock_Guide or just search Grock Fighter Guide Legendbeast.
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By: Legendbeast