GTA 5 PC Mod Adds 4K Textures

Discussion in 'Shooter' started by LockDown, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. LockDown


    A new set of tweaks and changes has been released on the Grand Theft Auto VPC mod offering new comprehensive designs. the Mod is entitled "The Pinnacle of V" created by Josh Romito. Which delivers a highly more cool 4k resolution graphics.


    "Not only is this a visual enhancement, but literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fine tuned to create the most realistic, stunning, and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date," the description reads.

    The changes include improvements to visuals and sound, as well as deeper gameplay changes such as improved relationship dynamics, weapon destruction, vehicle handling, and more.

    source via gamespot
  2. Luis18

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Guild

    Nice!!! I will improve players' experiences with this game. I'm fed up with the game i got from top1apk. Sp, this update might be an incentive for me to come back to my PS4.

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