GTA 5 Updates


Sep 21, 2014
Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar North's full focus is on GTA V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online. There's currently no time table for when the mode's ongoing updates will cease, though Xbox 360 and PS3 may have seen the last of their major new features.

Rockstar today revealed the next update for GTA Online: The Freemode Events update adds new things for players to do without leaving the standard open-world. It also introduces the Rockstar Editor to Xbox One and PS4, a feature which, like the new freemode events themselves, will only be for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Rockstar had warned players that last-gen systems might eventually be unable to continue receiving updates, and it seems we've now reached that point.

Aside from simply allowing us to utilize more memory and pack additional assets into the game itself, the additional power will mean we can create more complex game types and deliver on some of the ideas we have that only these newer systems can allow. We are really excited for how GTA Online can continue to evolve as a platform with these new systems."

source via: gamespot