GTA VI Target Release Date Is Being Hinted for 2023 PC 

Guild of Guardians
Another hint which might have a higher chance to be real is being implied by the Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, for the highly-anticipated return of GTA in the gaming arena as they announced a particular change to their marketing plan for 2023.

In our previous article, it has been hinted that GTA VI will follow the same scheme of GTA online which if will be available in a "medium-size" game for its initial release with downloadable contents for expansion. But in today's update, it gave us both good and bad news.

After several leaks and rumors that circulate all over the net, the said marketing plan seemingly breaks all the assumptions and predictions as to when will GTA VI happens. In a nutshell, Take-Two Interactive release its financial statement that shifted from the previous $78.1 Million to $89.2 Million for the financial year 2024.

The said the sudden increase in finances provides a definite clue that it could be a preparation for something big for Rockstar release with the big possibility of having a new release for either GTA or Red Dead Redemption series or even both since the timeline offers long time for them to set things up and ready their new titles either between 2023 or 2024.

Of course, their plans could still be susceptible to any adjustment with additional factors brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and its blow to the world economy. But if there is one thing we can count on, Rockstar will surely deliver the much-awaited GTA installment but more patience is still needed for us to finally get our hands on it.

In other news, GTA Online now offers a lot of rewards and bonuses for players especially on its Issi Classic Race Event that now gives triple rewards. There is also a one time gift for players who play GTA Online before May 31st which they can have a total of GTA$500,000 straight in their in-game Maze Bank Account. Some of the classic cars in the game are now on sale and can be purchase with 30% to 40% off their original prices.