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Discussion in 'PUBG PH - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds' started by ramleague, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Will just share for NVIDIA GTX 1060 users... when I updated to the latest driver 388.31 I experienced stuttering and delays especially when looting after a kill I suspected it was the shadowplay doing it's thing... the lag was unbearable even if I was running at 60-80 FPS.

    Also my game crashes every now and then which I did not experience before the update. Then I did some reading and decided to rollback my nvidia driver to the PUBG optimized version which was 385.41 and deleted my engine.ini file because I manipulated it before. After getting a fresh engine.ini file i inputed this script



    It solved my lag and delay issues and it also boosted my FPS from 60-80 now running at 70-90 sometimes 100 plus if out in the open field. Especially the shadowplay feature... it improved a lot no more delays and I can now loot in peace after a kill.

    If you are experiencing the same issues I had give this a try it might solve it.
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