Guardian Tales announces a massive update World 10, new hero, and more!

Guardian Tales, an epic adventure RPG just released a big update with the new main chapter "World 10 - Unrecorded World" and new hero "Future Princess". Besides, tons of new content update also arrived!


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Let's meet the new hero who was just added, Future Princess! She was the little princess of Kanterbury. You'll meet her on Heavenhold after 10 years have passed. The little princess who used to dash around the Heavenhold now became an adult. She came with her exclusive weapon, Liberator. She can be obtained in the Summon Hero Rate Up Event until 1st December.

01 Hero-Rateup.png

Future Princess comes along with her story, Unrecorded World. After 10 years have passed, Heavenhold becomes the last line of defense for humanity. You and your princess have to protect the remaining human and bring back the forsaken world. And to commemorate its release, there is an event where players can collect event points in Chapter stages, Rifts, Colosseum, or even Arena. The more event points you collect, the more rewards you can earn!

02 World-10-Event.png
03 World 10-1.png

04 World 10-2.png
05 World 10-3.png

Guardian Tales update also includes Tower of horizon, training room where you can quickly nurture your heroes, new guild raid, new guardian pass, and more!

06 Tower-of-Horizon.png
07 Training-Room.png

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