Guardian Tales - Classic Adventure (Tips and Guide)


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Jun 12, 2020
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Well, hello there! It seems you're interested with this adventure game. To get things started, you might want to check the links below as an introduction:

They were created to give you a proper welcome to the game. And now, I think you're all set to start playing the game. Let's start the tips and guides on how you'll survive and get stronger in this game.

You're probably familiar with the nostalgic retro graphics and gameplay of Soul Knight. Add the saltiness of every gacha pull from any other gacha games and you'll get Guardian Tales. This game is a free to play friendly game wherein you progress further when you spend time on it rather than money. In the beginning you'll feel like a god that smashes through everything using your sword and shield. But as you approach the 4th World of the game, you'll start to realize your weaknesses and mistakes. This game calls for players who have the determination to admit their mistakes, commit, and maybe, start all over again. Why? Because this game assures you that you'll feel the need to restart with a new account after countless of mistakes you've done with your first account unless you're the luckiest man in terms of RNG with great decision making skills.

The common mistake of new players is rushing through the story. We all love progressing stories and the hype of becoming more powerful. And in terms of gacha games, what we all love is the suspense and rewarding feeling of pulling a powerful character out of the box. New players tend to make irrational decisions to find out every way on how they can get diamonds/gems just to get 2700 gems, enough for 10x pull. We all thought that this is like any other gacha games where unique characters tend to be so powerful even in their first form. But this game is different. This game makes you wonder why your unique fire character can't kill a simple level 20 water enemy. Soon, you'll realize that you should've spent more of those diamonds on recharging the Awakening dungeons rather than pulling out saltiness.

Another thing to take note of is making sure that your entire team revolves within a single element. That element will be determined by your first unique character. If it is Marina, which is a unique water hero, then make sure your team only includes water team. The only time that you can become a Pokemon Mater where you start using diamonds solely for pulling out heroes is when you have a solid team already. Creating a team with single element will make every member benefit from each other's element party buff. For example, White Beast gives a water team an additional water attack damage.

Another reason to create a single element team is to make it easier for them to evolve. In Evolution Dungeon, every dungeon has its own two pair of elements - Basic and Earth, Light and Fire, Water and Dark. If you've entered the Water-Dark Dungeon, there are levels that corresponds to which shards of elements it will give. For example, a level 20 Water dungeon will give shards for every water element hero once it was defeated. Unique hero shards are rare, but rare heroes' shards are always guaranteed with a minimum of 1. This may seem a waste of time and stamina at first. But after you've finished at least 6 worlds, you'll feel the need to grind it as the enemies in World 7 and 8 may kill you faster than you thought.

If you've already finished all the 8 worlds, 2 hard worlds, and normal version of the Marina side quest maps, you're on your way to the extreme grind of the game. At first, Rift Dungeons are like a waste of time. But as your characters grow stronger, they require more resources and stamina. Upgrading weapons will require high level hammers and a lot of gold. Leveling your heroes will require more EXP. And the amount of shards needed to evolve a hero increases as it grows. Right now, the required shards for every hero in the game to evolve into 5-star hero is 820. The best dungeon every pro will recommend grinding and spending diamonds with is the Awakening Dungeon. It is inside the Rift icon and it's the only dungeon that uses 3 tickets instead of consuming your stamina. You need a decent team to farm higher levels of it. It is NECESSARY to grind it everyday and a good way to spend your diamonds. It will make your heroes powerful against other players. The logic behind spending diamonds to awakening dungeon is this:

You spent your diamonds in recharging a ticket in Awakening Dungeon. You have a fully awakened 4-star UNIQUE hero and three fully awakened 4-star RARE heroes. You put them into the Colosseum and Arena. You were matched against a team full of not evolved, not awakened UNIQUE HEROES. In the game, unique heroes are not a threat without their exclusive weapons, not fully awakened, nor evolved. A 5-star rare hero with full awakening can easily destroy even a 4-star partially evolved UNIQUE hero with no exclusive weapon.

But why spend the diamonds if you can have three tickets per day? Isn't that enough?
- The faster you make your heroes powerful, the faster you'll get back your diamonds. If you're now a ranker in Arena and Colosseum, you'll get more diamonds. In Colosseum, you can even sleep the whole week with a strong team and let them win their defenses against attacking players, and take you to Diamond ranking within 2 weeks. A Diamond 3 rank will reward you with 2100 diamonds in Colosseum. And in Arena, even if you only achieved Silver 2, you'll get 1100 diamonds. In the end of the week, you'll get 3300 diamonds.

I see that you've grown already. You already have a solid single element team that took you to great heights of achievements and ranking. Your journey doesn't end there. Now, your mission is to create another solid team and it's up to your wits and skills on how you'll construct it. May it be a single element, full Unique Hero squad, the 1-star team, or even Bob's legendary team. You can start experimenting with different combinations.

Guilds are one of the great features of this game. Here, you can meet your guild mates in your guild house. Every guild house is the same. In here, you can get small rewards by participating in Guild Raids and collecting daily guild attendance.

In the end, this game is still fresh and a lot of contents will soon be released. The number of heroes are still small and the campaign is still short. Everyday, new players come and making the community more alive. If you love the saltiness of gacha system, retro graphics of old games, the wits and puns referenced from other games and movies, and old Zelda-like feeling of the game mechanics, then hop in. This game is for you!