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May 11, 2015
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Guide Hero Irithel from EͷcʜαͷƬ ( Shiro Lenz ) Top Global Irithel.

Irithel’s Skills:
Jungle Heart (passive): Irithel and Leo know each so well that allows her to shoot while moving.

Each basic attack shoots out 3 heavy arrows (it takes a while to reload the heavy bow), each arrow deals 42% physical damage.

Strafe: Shoots a round of arrows, dealing 250 physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their physical defense by 15 for 3s.

Force Of The Queen: Leo shouts loudly, dealing 200 physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 2s.

Heavy Crossbow: Jumps forward and equips a heavy crossbow that increases her basic attack by 10%, dealing physical damage to an enemy and nearby enemies for 15s.

Irithel’s Combo
1. Catching Combo: Use third skill to move forward > Second skill > Basic attack while backward > First skill and basic attack while pursuing enemy if the enemy runs away

2. Runaway Combo: Third skill to stay away from the enemy > Second skill > Basic attack if it's reached.

Enhanced Skill’s Level
1. Strafe
2. Force of the Queen
3. Heavy Crossbow

*Max the first and the third skill first, then the second skill

Different from the other marksman, Irithel has ability “Hit when run” (Passive Skill, 'Jungle Heart'), you can attack or run from the enemy at the same time.

This build is very suitable for Irithel because the movement speed that you’ve got when the full build is +70 point, which is can be used for chasing or escaping from the enemy, get used to buying jungle item “Nimble Blade (750g)” before buying the main item.

Battle Spell
1. Retribution: For fast farming
2. Inspire: To increase the physical damage and attack speed during a war
3. Purify: To play it safe and survived from disabling hero (Chou, saber, etc)

Emblem set
1. Jungle emblem: For fast farming, because this emblem increased attack speed, physical attack and movement speed which is quite large
2. Physical emblem: For getting a balance stats between damage with deff/hp
3. Physical assassin emblem: For great damage during the war. Because this emblem deals penetration, physical attack, critical chance and movement speed which quite large


1. Early game
In the early game, clear lane first, and then start to jungle and take the buff, then back again to clear lane. Look at your mana & hp bar, if you need hp kill creeps that giving you hp as well as mana.

Try to kill two creeps at once (use mana wisely) when farming then back to clear lane. Don’t forget to buy jungle item "Nimble Blade" which is cost 750g then buy one magic item “Necklace”.

In the early game, avoid to recall (unless you almost dead) and don’t let the enemy gang you.

Focus on farming until you get 2-3 items build.

2. Mid game
Try to monopolize the enemy’s jungle, and start roaming. Ask your friend who solo lord to take over mid lane when you helping your team to gang enemy in turtle lane. And if you win the war, kill the turtle quickly.

Do this as often as possible to add your gold to make your build is done quickly. Try to kill lord within 10 minutes, kill 1-3 enemies before the attack the lord.

This thing to avoiding enemies epic comeback (if we already excellent both gold and score)

3. Late game
Irithel is still a good hero in the late game. It is because her third skill that makes our basic attack be an AOE damage. But, avoid to play in the late game, Irithel is easy to death if locked by a magician or assassin.

*Try to keep your eye to enemy’s marksman or enemy’s magician during the war, activate your hero lock mode in-game setting to do this. Looking for a safe position to free hit.
*Try to play in the mid lane
*Look at the map and your friend lane frequently to avoid enemy’s gang.