GUIDE: How to Climb Ranks in League of Legends

Climbing to higher ranks in League of Legends can be really frustrating. Looking at the red streak in your match history can make you feel hopeless specially in low elo. But, there are ways to overcome your trials. Conditioning your mind and knowing how you must play each game will increase your chances of winning. So, without further ado, let's get right into the strategies you'll need to climb from the depths of Iron division.


The main objective you must do in order to win any match in League of Legends - destroy the enemy's Nexus. There are a lot of other objectives and teamfights you must win along the way. But, knowing your main objective will help your mindset of winning throughout the game. Even if your team is winning already, being to complacent, focusing on teamfights rather than taking the opportunity to push an open lane, may result to a comeback from your enemy.

One particular streamer, Trick2G, is known for his strategy called "Breaching d Gatez" that uses certain champions with great lane-pushing capabilities. To give you a clearer view of what we're talking about, here's a video of Trick prioritizing the MAIN objective, Nexus, rather than challenging a Baron with uncertain teamfight outcome.

Sometimes, pushing a straight lane on your own is more worth it than going with your teammates in a teamfight. In fact, pushing a lane up to the inhibitor creates more pressure than winning a single teamfight. While it is true that finishing the game with high KDA ratio and great teamfights may satisfy our playing ego, it can all be erased with one frustrating loss.

In the end, winning the match, getting more LP, and seeing your rank grow feels better. Besides, higher rank gives you better reward in the of the season.


From the moment you queued up, you need to focus. There's nothing wrong from enjoying the game. But, nobody wants the feeling of losing a match specially if you're playing solo. There are few things you necessarily need to understand out of this simple game. The roles, farming, warding, and prioritizing objectives.

These are the basic things you need to master if you're determined to climb specially if you're in low divisions such as Iron and Bronze. How?


If you've mastered your role, you already know your job in your team. You already have your own core strategy for farming and teamfights. Farming, whether it is jungling or killing minions, is the source of gold without killing the enemy. Warding is the best possible way to aid your map awareness.

And finally, learning which objectives you need to prioritize. A good decision making will determine the whole game. Just like what we've seen from Trick2G's video, a possible Baron sacrifice is worth it if you'll win the entire match. He also made a great call of fake engagement to prevent the enemies from recalling.


Matchups can be very unpredictable. Sometimes, you'll encounter a passive-playing Zed even if you're using a champion with weak early game. It seems confusing, right? But, no matter what happen, if you have the chance to counter-pick while in the phase of choosing your champion, do it. It will give you advantage no matter how small it is.

For example, if you've seen a possible teamfight combo such us Malphite and Yasuo on their team, you can get champions with high disengage mechanics such as Ahri with her ultimate or counter-item Zhonya. Always check their items and abilities.

If they have a tank with high regeneration such as Garen or Zac, you can build Executioner's Calling. If you have the role of a tank and majority of your opponent deals magic damage, you might need to prioritize building magic resist items. We all know that famous line, "Know your opponent".



In every match you play, no matter what role you got, always perform your best. Even if you didn't get the role you really wanted, make sure that you excel. In every role, there is always a champion that can compensate to your level of skill and strategy.

For example, you're a Nidalee main as a jungler player. You're exceptional with skillshots and loves to kill enemies. But, you got the role of a support instead. Champions such as Pyke can be a good choice for you.

Your skills will reflect on how you'll land your hook and set a kill with your ultimate. Even with any circumstances, you can and must do your best.



Last, but not the least. You need to rest. If you're having a bad day, and you've lost three match in a row, you might need to rest. It will help you reflect on your mistakes and create better strategy. Resting also helps your body relax and restore lost energy. Being tense and tired while in-game may reduce your performance. Most of the streamers who made it to Diamond to Challenger level took their time to rest. They either play some other games, sleep, exercise, do some of their hobbies, spend time with their family.

Playing League of Legends non-stop will make you grow tired of the game. It may eventually kill your love for the game and decide to quit it. After all, it's just a game. Climbing the ladder takes time. But you won't be able to climb it if you're no longer there.


There's nothing really special you need to do if you want to climb the ranks. Even Faker started just like you. There are people who have talents. But, even the greatest League players will say the same thing - "Practice makes perfect".

For players like Faker, they dedicated their life and time in improving their skills. They always make sure that they learn from every match that ends. Have faith on yourself. You're still playing, and it counts. See you on the Rift, summoners!
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