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May 11, 2015
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Since quite a number of players go afk (or afp? away from phone? ) while playing, here is a small guide on the heroes that you should or should not allow to follow you when their player disconnected or is afk. This should be helpful for solo queue players.

1. Non-Meta Mages and Long-Ass Ultimate Heroes - for the love of anything that's holy, NEVER LET ANY OF THESE HEROES FOLLOW YOU. These are potential feeding material for the enemy, and will deal minimal damage to the enemies in late game, even if their items are complete. They have ultimates that will require a duration of time to finish, but once they encounter minions, they will immediately disrupt their ultimate and attack the nearest enemy, usually the minions.

- Grakk, Xeniel, Natalya, Aleister, Diao Chan, Ignis, Mganga, etc.

2. Squishies - these are usually marksmen and assassins that either have low mobility, low HP pool, or both. Easy feed especially in engagements or clashes. They also deal minimal damage, and will use their ultimates on enemy minions. NEVER let them follow you.

- Valhein, Yorn, Tel'Annas, Lindis*, Moren, all assassins

* I know that Lindis can run faster whenever in the brush, but come on, do you think AI Lindis will decide to run in the brush?

3. Nuke Marksmen and Meta Mages - very situational. Lauriel and Preyta are squishy. Raz and Zill are mobile but squishy still, so as The Joker and Violet. What sets them from other mages and marksmen is that they can deal heavy damage to enemy heroes, especially if no minion wave is around. Let them follow you at your own risk.

4. Warriors - these are actually helpful heroes even on AI, as long as they started becoming an AI mid-late game, when most of their items are present already. Otherwise, no, let them stay at the base.

- Ryoma, Arthur, Superman, Astrid, Skud, etc.

5. Tanks - these heroes with high HP pool can take in a lot of damage especially if targeted by enemy heroes. Use this to engage with the enemy team or simply as bait. Be careful as these kinds of heroes do not deal enough damage to make a difference, maybe except Cresht, but still...

- Cresht, Thane, Omega, Gildur, Mina, Toro

6. Supports - let these heroes follow you. These heroes usually have crowd control abilities and buffs that will help you in clash. Make an exception for Payna and TeeMee. They are potential feed and are totally useless in AI.

- Cresht, Alice, Lumburr, Chaugnar

7. Taara - Oh, yes, a separate section for Taara. If your Taara teammate is afk mid-game, let this hero follow you. Taara's ultimate is a sureball shield/bait for you to utilize if you wanna go alone.

Alright, thats it for now. Hope this guide helps. Please note that this is just based on experience. I will always recommend to let the AI stay in the base, but it depends on the situation. Also, if your teammate disconnects within the first 1 minute of the match, do not let it follow you. You will have an AI who might steal buffs or gold from you.

And one last tip. Never disconnect or go afk in a match. :)

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