Guide on How to Link your Garena Account to Mobile


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Nov 13, 2018
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This guide will show ways on how to set-up additional security with the use of Mobile Authentication and GarenaAuthenticator for your account/s to prevent possible adverse exploits from unwanted users.

Thread Consists Of:
  • Basic Information for My Account Menu
  • Enabling Mobile 2-Step Authentication
  • Enabling Mobile Garena Authenticator
1. Sign-up or Log-in at Garena Philippines' Official Website
2. At the navigation menu, select "My Account".
3. The options Account Settings, Security Center and Customer Support will help you with security and/or retrieval.
  • Account Settings lets you configure your Password, Country, Email, Mobile and Authenticators
  • Security Center helps you verify the security of your Garena Account
  • Customer Support directs you to the Customer Support Team for Account Issues and Related FAQs

* Your account needs to reach level three (3) to enable the linking of your Garena Account with your Mobile Phone and to be able to configure the Garena Authenticator.


In order to guarantee the security of your account, enable the 2-step authentication wherein, it will directly send unique codes. This codes are required before being eligible to configure your Garena Account's Password, Country, Mobile, 2-Step Authentication and Mobile Garena Authenticator.
  • Step 1: Select Philippines as your Country/Region
  • Step 2: Input your Mobile Number (e.g. 09276543210)
  • Step 3: Confirm the code sent at your Mobile Phone
  • Step 4: Input the code sent from your Mobile Phone at the code Box
  • Step 5: Verify and Save


The Garena Authenticator is an alternative mobile application for getting codes even when your mobile phone is inaccessible. This will help you configure the Garena Account's Password, Country, Mobile and 2-Step Authentication without having the codes received via SMS.
  • Step 1: Install and open Garena Authenticator application
  • Step 2: Select Scan Barcode using your Phone Camera with the Barcode Scanner application; OR
  • Step 3: If you're having problems with Step 2, click on the "+Can't scan the barcode?"
  • Step 4: Select Add Account
  • Step 5: Input at the Garena Authenticator your Garena User Name and 16-Character Security Key generated from the "+Can't scan the barcode?"
  • Step 6: Input the code generated by the Garena Authenticator to the code box
  • Step 7: Verify and Finish
* You can add multiple accounts on Garena Authenticator for easy accessibility.