Guide on how to Migrate your Garena account to Riot Games before Deadline

Earlier this year, the migration of Garena account over to Riot Games was announced as the publishing rights for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in Southeast Asia has officially been migrated from Garena to Riot Games.


Now, players are told to migrate their Garena account over to Riot Games so that their accounts can come along with the migration of the two games. To others who are already done, they can just relax and wait for Riot Games to smooth everything out but for others who have yet to do so, they need to do it within this month as they only have until August 31st of this year.

But before you can migrate your account, there’s a couple of things that you should check first. First, your Garena League account must have signs of data progression like champion mastery, ranked games in your match history, honor or challenge progress, etc. or it can also include unlocked/purchased content like RP, skins, etc. Make sure your accounts have signs of the following to be eligible for the transfer. Second, your Riot League account should be on the same server as your Garena League/TFT account.

Once you have checked if your account is eligible for the transfer, you can now link your Garena account to Riot Games:
  1. Make sure you've completed the checklist above.
  2. Log in to the Garena Client or League Link.
  3. Select League of Legends.
  4. Select Start Linking to go to the account linking page. Note: You might be directed to follow a series of prompts regarding your Garena Account. Complete these to continue!
  5. Confirm your desired Garena League/TFT Account
  6. Log in to your desired Riot Account, or create a new one.
  7. Follow the prompts to prepare your account for linking.
  8. Continue until you reach the Ready to Link? page, where you can see all the changes that will be made to your account.
  9. If everything looks right, click Link Accounts. YOU'RE DONE!
But if you’re still having issues, don’t worry Riot Games Support released an instruction video that you can watch.