Guide on How to Obtain the Scale Issue Blueprint in Warzone Mobile's To The Metal Event

Guild of Guardians
Warzone Mobile launched a new thrilling event called To The Metal, offering players the exclusive Scale Issue Blueprint and the other 8 rewards for free via participating and completing the event missions.


The To The Metal event will run for a limited time only from April 18 to 24, and to obtain the Scale Issue Blueprint as the final reward, players must collect a total of 20, 000 Event Points.

Here are the following ways and missions to earn event points:
  • Deal 100 damage with any weapon (200 event points).
  • Complete Recon Contracts in Warzone Mobile (500 Event Points)
  • Earn assists in Battle Royale (30 event points per assist).
  • Distance Traveled: 250 (100 Event Points)
  • Eliminations Secured in Battle Royale (100 event points per elimination)
  • Eliminations secured: Multiplayer (25 event points per elimination)
  • Open any supply box (20 event points for every supply box).
You may also earn some event points by playing consecutively in any multiplayer or battle royal match. As you complete a certain milestone in the Free Reward Tracker, you can obtain a total of eight free rewards and in-game items.