Gunbound look alike on mobile?


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May 2, 2018
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CIBMALL. Net subsidiary of Asiasoft ,Publisher of Gunbound launches BangBang Shooters on mobile

Gunbound was a highly popular turn based shooter that was published by Asiasoft in year 2004 and has since been terminated from Asiasoft. It was one of the most popular 2D turn based artillery strategy games that rewarded precision for victory.

Now that the mobile era is here now . We are looking at a more enhanced version of a turn based shooter on mobile.

With BangBang Shooters , the game tries to emulate the similar feelings that Gunbound once provided with a twist of PVE and a lot more contents that Gunbound wished it had in its game.

BangBang Shooters game modes are vastly unique and interesting as it breaks traditional turn based shooter games with its PVE , PVP , Fortress , and Endless Challenge modes. Players can have a variety amount of fun exploring out different game modes

Over at BangBang Shooters , Players duke it out in the PVP against each other from a global scale. Our engines are optimized to allow players to have fun regardless of wherever they are.

BangBang shooters has a huge variety pool of heroes 13 heroes at the moment and still growing. It will continue to have unique heroes to boost its very dynamic and interesting game-plays. BangBang shooters will have many more trendy updates going in to the future. Do stay tuned on our facebook page here at

CIB Net Station subsidiary of Asiasoft will be looking forward to growing gamers base in SEA region
and to grow the E sports scene in mobile game development for the future of the gaming industry.
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