Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy is now live with a launch trailer released!

Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy is now available for sale and to celebrate the event, Bandai Namco has released a launch trailer.


The trailer introduces the three main characters: Alma Stirner, Mia Brinkman, and Helena Hegel who are mobile suit pilots of Zeon. They are the Noisy Fairy, a covert mobile suit squad based in North America. Their direct supervisor is Commanding Officer Killey and they operate outside of base with a codename Tír na nÓg. The game takes place in the eight month of the One Year War which basically is the background of the Mobile Suit Gundam’s Universal Century setting.

Selected for their acclaimed training, the trio was deployed to go against the Earth Federation Forces. The Noisy Fairy uses teamwork to win over the difficult odds that they face. As such, the Federation forces have called them “witches” for their apparently magical tactics.

Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy will be released in three installments that will contain five missions per piece between November 5 and December 3. There will also be animated story segments and narrative developments distributed between and during the playable missions.

Players can buy it per volume or in a bundle. Buying it will also unlock rewards like playable mobile suits in the free-to-play Gundam Battle Operation 2 main game. Likewise, GBO2 players can also unlock special missions when they return to Code Fairy.

Volume 1 of Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy is already available on PS4 and PS5.