Gundam Versus Gets Its Western Release On September 29 PS4 

Gundam Versus will be released on September 29 announced by Bandai Namco which maybe a bad move because it's the same release date of the SNES Classic Edition. Considering that the Gundam Versus series hasn’t really had a fair chance in the West, it seems strange that Bandai Namco would single out September 29 to release the latest game in the series.

This is because during the last console generation both Gundam Extreme Versus and Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost were ported from the arcades to the PS3 but were only available in Japan.

Obviously, die-hard fans imported the games, as the PS3 was region free, but the games never really got a chance to shine in the West. So when Bandai Namco announced they were bringing the latest installment on the PS4 Westward later this year, I had hoped the game would have had a decent launch window.

However, having Gundam Versus released on the same day as the SNES Classic Edition will likely mean the game will get buried in terms of its PR and marketing, which is a shame.

source via Forbes