Gundam Versus PS4 Release Date Announced PS4 

September 29 will be debut of the Arcade fighting game Gundam Versus if you want a epic giant robot battles. It will consist of 90 different gundam units from 17 works of the Gundam series and 's all about 2v2 battles to the death in true to the anime Gundam style. Different type of abilities and play styles which may enhance your inner mobile suit pilot ability.

This localized version will include online multiplayer for up to six players and offline single-player. If you're really into changing the pace of your battles, there are two different burst systems with different features that focus on melee and ranged attacks.

Check out the new moves like Boost Dive, Boost Dash, and Boost Step to help you stay one stride ahead of your foes. You'll also be able to call upon Striker support characters to help you when the heat of battle is just too much. But Gundam Versus isn't just about the action: as you demolish your opponents, your actions will damage the environments you're fighting in.

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