Gunfire Hero, A Cartoonish Design Roguelike Game Is Out Now On Android


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Jun 7, 2022
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Kiki Tan
If you love space stations, various styles of robots, and the exciting feeling of instant kill, Gunfire Hero is your best choice. Loongcheer Game just released a roguelike game with the name Gunfire Hero on the Google Play beta track as an early access game from 21st June 2022. The game will be published Globally.

Story of the game

Space has been overrun by enemies. Fighting the outer is the only way to safeguard the space. While there appear to be numerous and powerful adversaries, heroes must prepare themselves to battle the entire evil army. Heroes face a formidable struggle, though: Red Fiend, Spider Fortress, Steel Octopus, Subzero Mantis, Ghost Warrior...With the goal of triumph in mind, all heroes improve their skills and equipment, as well as create their base ships as defense outposts. All of their practice is for one purpose: To safeguard the space...

Cartoonish Design with High Color Saturation

Gunfire Hero is an RPG game with a high color saturation design. The entire game's user interface is designed to look like a space station, displaying a feeling of science and technology. The 3D cartoon artwork used in the game's hero portraits is delicate and imaginative. Besides, titans in the game are cool since you will get an attack mecha which has shape-shifting in the battle. Diverse maps are also featured in different colors, covering both dark and bright atmospheres.

RPG with Surprising Gameplay

A third-person shooter is adopted in the battle. Players need to control the in-game joystick control to execute running and shooting, so as to defeat the monster and move on to the next map challenge. Besides, one-finger control enables thrilling quick kills, making the game more playable and enjoyable. Each combat contains a variety of unexpected elements, such as facing various foes, selecting unique skills or randomly gaining titans, being in unfamiliar maps, and receiving double rewards. What’s more, players will encounter NPCs to strengthen skills or restore HP in battle if they select a certain routine. But be careful! Strong hunter will appear randomly and throw the bullets away......

Diversified hero cultivation system

The game has a complex and mature hero cultivation system, which is separated into three categories: level upgrades, commander upgrades, and talent upgrades. Players will achieve high level in the battle and unlock various battle skills, achieving instant kill much easier. Different commander level, on the other hand, provides players with the option to obtain sensitive equipment and special rewards. Strengthening the character and increasing revenue is easier when talents are improved. To go through the challenge faster and easier, players need to pay more attention to upgrading heroes' level, talent, and equipment. Heroes will become considerably more combat-effective because of these processes. Let the sound of quick shoots appear more frequently!

Competition with players worldwide

Though the main battle system is PVE gameplay, there’s a part to connect with gamers around the world. In the world championship, players can create their own base ships, arm the base by building resource production facilities, soldiers, defense towers, etc., and place their positions at will. Players can also challenge other real players' base ships, seize their resources and become an overlord!

More features could be found on Google play link, Gunfire Hero Facebook or Discord. Take your gun and be a hero to safeguard your space station! You can also follow Gunfire Hero's official Facebook page and discord to get more information and meet other players. Hope you enjoy the game!