GvG Final Battle Quick Guide


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May 1, 2019
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From this point onward, I refer to it as WoC (since this one makes more sense, lol)

  • only castle 1s can join (Prontera 1, Alde 1, Geffen 1, Payon 1)
  • WoC is weekly, every Sunday. It starts at 9:30PM until 10PM, you can enter WoC arena by 9:27PM (if eligible) -- talk to Valkyrie NPC at guild hall, north area.
  • to become eligible participant, must be Castle 1 and have perfect def before 9:25
Points System: - aim is to get "5 crystals" - MVPs will spawn at North and South side, each guilds will be at 4 corners.
  • two emps at east and west. - killing 4 MVPs = 1 crystal
  • other emperium = 1 crystal - middle emperium = 2 crystal - each guild got 1 emp, so by default 1 crystal.
(Sample points: break two emps - west & east, that's 2 points, break middle emp, that's 2 points again, then your emp [if not broken by enemy], 1 point again)

What you'll get if you win?
materials/coin for "god headgear" and "god back", more honor points and prayer pack.

Here's the longer version from CN Server patch notes (via Clo)

War Of Crystal - Relic Of Gods

1) Rules:
  • WOC-ROG will be started every Sundays 9:30pm (21:30 GMT+7), for 30 minutes.
  • At 9:25 pm (21:25), all the defender guilds that won perfect defender victory of Castle 1 of all cities will be qualified to take part in War Of Crystal. Use the WOC Warp portal in Guild Base at 9:27 pm (21:27) to warp into the War Of Crystal map.
2) Battlefield rules:
  • Each round of WOC will match 4 qualified guilds to battle for ranking.
  • Battle and item rules are same with War Of Emperium, but you will be respawned at Guild Respawn point inside WOC Map if you get repelled or revived

3) How to win:
  • The guild who collected 5 crystals will get the First Place instantly.
  • If there is no guild that able to collect 5 crystals within 30 minutes, it will be ranked by the amount of crystals that collected by guilds, the more the highest. If the amount is same, the guild who reached the amount earlier will get the higher place.

4) How to collect crystals:
  • There will be Guild areas at each corner of the map. North and South parts of the map are Crystal Monster area, East and West parts of the map are Crystal Towers. There is a core area at the center of the map.
  • Players will be respawn at their own guild respawn area. There will be one Emperium Crystal inside each guild area, it can be attacked 7 minutes after the WOC started. The guild will lost 1 cyrstal if the crystal broken.
  • A new MVP will be respawned every 3 minutes at Crystal Monster area. The guild of MVP player will get [Resource of Crystal Fragment] x1. Collect 4 resources to combine into 1 Emperium Crystal.

5) Ranking & Rewards
  • Lowest rank to highest rank : Star > Moon > Sun
  • Different amount of God coins, Proof Of Glory, Praying Chipset Pack will be given according to the rankings.