Half-Life: Alyx New Gameplay Trailers Explores VR Environment and Cool Weapons PC 

Slated to be released on March 23, 2020, Half-Life: Alyx proves why it is one of the most anticipated game to be released by Valve this year as 3 videos of its gameplay was launched to tease further our excitement with this Virtual Reality First Person Shooter.

Half-Life: Alyx is the third game that follows the ever-popular Half-Life game series. This is a prequel to Half-Life 2: Episode 2 that was released last 2007 wherein players will follow Alyx Vance and his father in combating the alien empire Combine. The game itself continues to provide an immersive element of the classic Half-Life game through exploration, puzzles, combat, and story with different feels thanks to the Virtual Reality gameplay that allows players to interact with the game environment in surreal perspective.

The 3 gameplay videos showcase Alyx as it engages in combat with Headcrab enemies using her upgradeable pistol and solving 3D puzzle to access locked areas in the game. Other weapons that were shown are her shotgun and the grenade launcher as well as the all-time favorite gravity gloves. And of course, it was expected that the graphics are high tier than ever.

Half-Life: Alyx will be playable to any PC-based VR headset and anyone who owns Valve Index Kit can get Alyx for free. In the meantime, games can have free access to all Half-Life Series games at Steam while waiting for the launching of Half-Life: Alyx.

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