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    Everything in Halo 5: Guardians' new REQ system can be earned through traditional gameplay. But if you'd like to get going faster, you will be able to pay real-world money for that convenience. In a blog post, 343 Industries revealed pricing details for the game's various REQ Packs and talked more about how they work.


    Halo 5 REQ Pack/Microtransaction Pricing Details

    • In-game currency cost: 1250 RP
    • Real-world money cost: not offered

    • In-game currency cost: 5000 RP
    • Real-world money cost: $2

    • In-game currency cost: 10,000 RP
    • Real-world money cost: $3
    343 explained that in-game pricing has been set so that players can afford at least one REQ Pack for every other game played. You should expect to earn around 2000 RP for every Warzone game played, meaning it won't take very long to reach Silver or Gold status. In addition, everyone gets 7500 RP to start.

    source via gamespot

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