Halo 5 Xbox One "Advanced" Controller Options

As promised, Halo 5: Guardians will release a new update coming next week, a new feature of the new update is the "Advance" Xbox One controller options. When the update is applied, New Customization shooting plus aiming will be controlled by players such as the elements and Look Acceleration, addition to this is the Inner and Outer Dead Zone.

Halo Waypoint explained that the new Acceleration Look option can adjusts the time to achieve the top look speed you want. As soon as it arrives next week, 3 is the default value for this setting. Some said that if you wanna experience more closely to the Halo 5 Multiplayer beta you should use the setting 2.

Inner Dead Zone, meanwhile, pertains to the region around the analog stick's center position that disregards input; this is meant to prevent camera drift when you aren't actually touching the stick. Sometimes analog sticks don't return perfectly to the center, and the new Inner Dead Zone customization options should help you have a better experience.

source via gamespot

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