Hanabi "Field Op" Special Tier Skin will arrive in Mobile Legends at the end of May 2021

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moonton has introduced a new skin for the Marksman hero Hanabi named "Field Op." The Field Op Hanabi skin is a Special Tier skin with aesthetically stunning skill effects and is available for 749 Diamonds. Hanabi's future Special Tier skin has yet to be announced by Moonton. However, by viewing the official skin teaser, players may get a sneak glimpse at everything the skin has to offer. If you're interested in learning more about the impending new skin, check out the Field Op Hanabi skin in Mobile Legends.


If you're like futuristic and cyberpunk-themed skins, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang just published the teaser for Field Op Hanabi, a less expensive but equally stunning alternative to V.E.N.O.M. Nephila.

The animated talents of Field Op Hanabi
  • Field Op Hanabi is a special skin, which implies that several of her talents have been enhanced aesthetically.
  • Hanabi's basic strikes now leave a pink glitch trail that appears even more magnificent while Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage is active, thanks to his technologically upgraded huge shuriken.

The Field Op's Appearance Skin of Hanabi
  • Hanabi now wears a black and white coat with a utility belt for this skin, giving her the appearance of a fierce future spy.
She also has pink-colored hair and pink eyes, which stand out against her monochrome ensemble.


Release Date
Moonton is yet to announce the release date of the Field Op Hanabi skin in Mobile Legends. However, the skin is expected to arrive before the end of May 2021.