Hanabi In-depth FULL Guide: No mobility skill No problem


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May 1, 2019
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Pag-uusapan natin ngayon ang hero na kagaya ni Layla na walang mobility skill. Ang sexy and also considered by some as a crazy ninja with a shuriken on her neck. Hanabi!

Hanabi’s Role

She’s a marksman, and in this day and age and META of course. You’d already know that Marksmen are ALMOST rendered useless (or free food) especially in Mythic Ranks since Assassin is the neccessity for Offense while Tank is for Defense.

So, it is pretty obvious that you should NEVER let a Marksman handle any lane alone. Para kang nagsuicide no'n at namigay ng stars gaya ng mga star thrower sa Mythic. A Marksman dies easily and their laning phase is the worst, so the same goes to Hanabi.

With her skill sets, it's clear as day that she's exclusively a team-dependent Marksman; even more so than Irithel or Yi Sun Shin.

Good shot and timing can land your team a landslide victory, even if your team is behind on the gold/lvl lead because Hanabi is the scariest marksman, arguably, in super late game.

Skill Strategies

Start Of The Game

Second Skill: Soul Scroll

Style ko lang po ito at optional kung gagayahin niyo. Ang second skill kasi ni Hanabi ay 'yong may kunai siyang ibabato na may scroll na nagbibigay ng damage at slow effect sa kalaban. Mana regen naman para sa'yo basta may matamaan ka.

Now, I’ve seen many liking to get 1st skill (Petal Barrage) as their skill-of-choice at game start. Para sa akin, it is not very effective because you still have low damage output early game and also wastes your mana.

Get 2nd skill (Soul Scroll) instead as it is a low-key good wave cleaner.

Use it like you would use Karrie’s ball of fluffy spikes. You’ll find yourself clearing the minions in no time plus plenty of mana left. 10 seconds na ang pinakamatagal sa pagclear ng wave kahit solo ka. Pero dahil recommended na may Tank lane partner ka, hindi kayo dapat abutin ng 10 seconds sa pagclear ng minion wave.

Note: You gotta AIM at all times.

It takes practices, but once you got the hang of it, you’ll be able to land last hits or crucial moments that requires you to either regen your mana, assassinate your targets or simply slow them enough for you or your team to land the final blow or making your Mana regens super easy since you can even hit moving targets.

TIP #1: Instead of spamming Ulti (Higanbana), use Soul Scroll to poke, kite and slow your enemies. Don’t SPAM ulti!!

Don't spam your ultimate skill since you are not built with max CD Reduction unlike other heroes gaya ng mage na kailangan may CD reduction sa build. Focus ka lang sa damage and attack speed sa build.

You can also use Soul Scroll to flush out/hit enemies in the bush. The moment you see the blue sparkle coming to you, someone's there!

First Skill: Petal Barrage

Now, let’s talk about 1st skill (Petal Barrage).

Para sa akin, her 1st skill is one of the best AOE in all of MM.

If you can learn to manage your mana well, you’ll find yourself better off with a Swift Boots since it makes you able to clear minions faster with normal basic attack and it stacks up your speed further during mid to late game. Pero para sa mga beginner, highly recommended ang Demon Shoes.

Petal Barrage is a great way to poke your opponent/s under turret.

Also, if you want to poke enemies that are staying within the turret range, simply hit either them or the turret (when enemies are outside of your attack range but inside the bounceback range) when Petal Barrage is turned on and the bouncebacks will increase the damage that they take.

Isa ito sa mga secret ng mga Hanabi na nag-originate pa sa mga Odette users.

Odette's Secret Technique: Aatakihin niya 'yong turret tapos 'yong passive niya magba-bounce back ulit sa tore pagkatapos matamaan 'yong mga kalaban. Mas malakas ang nadamage niya ngayon sa turret.

Similarly, nagagamit rin 'yon ng mga Pro Hanabi users para makapagpush ng mabilis and at the same time, nakakadamage rin sa opponent gaya ng passive ni Odette. Ang pinagkaiba talaga ay apat ang kay Odette kasi babalik ulit sa original target, kay Hanabi tatlo lang kasi hindi na nagba-bounce back sa forst target.

TIP #2: When you want to use Petal Barrage in early tp mid game to clear minions faster, don’t activate it all the way. Do it in bursts (on and off and on and off) and use it sparingly. The only time that you wanna leave it on for a prolonged period of time is when you want your bouncebacks to hit the opponent standing beside the minions, or when you’re at a full-out war in gank.

In short, on off on off din pag may time.

Another great moment to use Petal Barrage is when your enemies want to run away under their turrets away from your kill-hungry mode.

Simply turn on Petal Barrage and dive into their turret, keep aiming at the turret and the bouncebacks will hit the running enemy.

You’ll find yourself getting a lot of secured kills using this method instead of letting them run.

Be prepared for a lot of rage from your dead opponents!!!

Ultimate: Higabana

Now let’s talk about the Ultimate (Higanbana). I know it’s satisfying and pretty to watch flowers bloom up your entire enemy team, but you can’t spam it to achieve this all the time.

To maximize this skill, I suggest good timing.

So, how do you land the best shot with Higanbana? It’s not as hard as you think you know. Even if you’re the only CC in the team, it’s still doable.

There are two kinds of shot, offensive and defensive for Higanbana.

Offensive: It can be used to disable running and attacking enemies

Defensive: Higanbana can be used to save your teammates's lives


Simply wait for your enemies to engage at your tank (sorry tank) if you're the only CC.

Then, you can aim Higanbana at the nearest target or if luxury allow; the most concentrated area if you can penetrate your Higanbana to the epicentre. Basta wag ka lang maging frontliner bigla kasi pinadali mo lang ang trabaho ng kalaban mo na maabot at mapatay ka.

Wag kang mag-uulti kapag pick-offs lang. Dapat at least 2 heroes ang matatamaan ng Ultimate skill mo para worth it.

At this point, your enemies will be disabled enough to not have you aim at their squishies exclusively, since the bouncebacks are real and will hit EVERYONE na nandoon sa teamfight.

So simply spam it at the enemies’ initiator or whoever is nearest to you. They will all be dead soon.


When you spot a damsel in distress (kampi na kailangan ng tulong mo) , use Higanbana to stop your enemies from making him or her their breakfast. Pero syempre kapag isa lang, dapat kaya niyo ng mapatay 'yon.

You're free to use it when there's no chance in initiating another war for the next 30 seconds

TIP #3 Epic Comeback: Higanbana is one of the best skills to make an epic comeback. The best epic comeback to make using Hanabi is using enemy's Lord. In 90% of the cases, everyone will always crowd around Lord in order to use him as a tank. This is the best time to use Higanbana and CC the entire enemy team, then proceed to activate your Petal Barrage (1st skill) everyone to death. If you're lucky, you might even land a Maniac or a Savage!!!

Hanabi’s Build

Now let’s discuss about her build.

This build in this exact order in gear set will be the best one in most situations. Since she has default lifesteal, you don’t need to build Haas’s Claws first, and you can rest your nerves on building Berserker’s Fury first.

And always buy Hunter’s Knife first as first item.

Recommended build:

Demon Shoes
Berserker's Fury
Scarlet Phantom
Haas' Claws
Blade of Despair
Brute Force Chestplate/Malefic Roar/Immortality

Bakit walang Endless Battle, Corrosion Scythe, Windtalker, Demon Hunter Sword or Wings of the Apocalypse Queen (WoTAQ)?

Well, it’s a waste of gold and damage output, because her bouncebacks can’t trigger certain passives (true damage) plus having WoTAQ is not good. You’re a marksman, not a fighter or tank. You don’t need more lifesteal when you got like 37-40% lifesteal with a Haas’ Claws. She needs more damage, not less.

Now if at this point you are saying Haas’s Claws is redundant and not needed, then you’re wrong.

The passive is great for spiking your lifesteal when you are near death, thus making you regain your HP and shield rather quickly. While the 20% lifesteal works good with your passive plus you got 70+ Physical Attack.

Kung ikukumpara niyo lahat ng attack items, sumusunod ito sa pinakamataas...

Blade of Despair +170 Phy Attack
Hunter's Strike +100 Phy Attack
Blade of the Heptaseas +75 Phy Attack
Haas' Claws +70 Phy Attack

Tapos puro +65 pababa na lang 'yong ibang items.

Plus you will more lifesteal. Para sa akin, it is one of the best item that you can use for your gear sets. Kahit kay Layla bini-build ko 'yan para kapag alam kong hindi na ako makakatakbo, sa passive ng Haas' Claws na lang ako aasa.

Getting Blade of Despair will guarantee wipe out squishies instantly in a matter of seconds, and even tanks will start to feel the blow at this point.

The reason why I chose Blade of Despair to come first over Malefic Roar, is because you can use the last two slots to build BoD, making your builds easy, since Malefic Roar only requires one slot.

By the time you complete all your gears, you’ll melt everyone easily.

Emblem Choice

Marksman Emblem with Weakness Finder talent is my recommended emblem

Overall Thought

All in all, I’m really starting to like Hanabi a lot and feel that her presence in team fights really can tilt the game over to your team’s favor due to her AOE skills and very strong CC (na halos katulad ng Aurora’s freeze or ulti ang ultimate skill ni Hanabi). However, if Hanabi is played in a team of bad teamwork and synergy, she sucks in comparison to Marksmen like Lesley, because she really can’t solo like the way Lesley can be played. Also, I strongly feel that having Hanabi as the only CC isn’t recommended because if you somehow misplace your Higanbana shot, your team might be doomed if they can’t hold themselves well, or will result in you having many casualties due to losing the war. She also needs a lot of careful plays and baby-sitting from your teammates because she can only work well as a utility during early to mid game since her damage output is considerably low compared to other marksman at that stage.

I’d rate Hanabi’s actual difficulty as one of the most difficult to play due to her skills nature in needing you to manage her mana well and constantly aiming by manual. At first glance she may be just another pretty toy that is released, but the more you play her, the more formidable you will discover about her true potential.

To play Hanabi, you always have to look after enemy team.

A good team composition for Hanabi is the love triangle between her, Hayabusa, and Kagura. The tank can be either Minotaur or other very tanky tank. The last slot if for a fighter that is a semi-tank.