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Apr 22, 2019
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This Akuma Ninja (Rogue Ninja) is The Beholder Of The Most Feared Weapon In the Ninja History."Ame No Habakiri Will Devour You."Hanzo Was Once The Strongest Ninja In All Clans.

He Came From The Shadow Sect.After Discovering About Ame No Habakiri, He Turned Into A Cunning, Cold, And A Traitor Ninja.

Everything Will Change If Your Consumed By The Greed Of Invincibility.

Emblem Configuration

BountyHunter:Gold Suffeciency(100Gold Per Kill)

UnbendingWill:Each HP lost Will Be Converted Into Physical AP,up to 20%.This Is My Personal Choice Since Everytime,Enemy Will Try To Kill Your"Soul"because of Panic.So,To Counter,Each Time They Lower Ur HP,They'll be increasing Ur AP in return.

PhysicalEmblem Open Fire Us Still Good As A Substitute.


Petrify:This Is My Spell Choice Actually Since it Serves As A CC spell since He Lacks CC skill.I use Petrify Each Time I Cast Skill 2(since They tend to run) to maximize The DMG of First Skill(Petrify them So that You Can Land The 1st Skill Without missing)

Sprint:CommonSpell Choice.It Serve's As their "RUN" spell to Escape Predators.It Also Remove The Slowed Debuff Each Time Your Soul Dies.You can Also use it To Improve the movement speed of your Soul Greatly To Chase Fleeing Enemies.

Arrival:HororoChan's Spell Choice.She Said It's For Surprise Spell for Hanzo,which I Agree.Example,Summon Your Soul from the Base then Use Arrival To Arrive In An Allied Turret Or Minion to surprise Them plus Making Your Body Safe From Danger.

Vengeance:A strategic Choice.Use this Spell for Additional DPS each Time Enemy Tries To Attack Your Soul.

Execute:If Your Attack Didn't Kill the target and Flees with Low HP,this Will serve as your Execution Spell.

  • RapidBoots
  • DemonHunter
  • Berserker'sFury
  • CorrosionScythe
  • DeadlyBlade
  • BladeOfDespair/MaleficRoar

This Is My Fixed Hanzo Build.It's Quite Devastating Even in Human Form.Ive Killed A Full build karina in Human Form because Of The Deadly Blade.

I found out last time I played that When You Equip Him With DeadlyBlade,it gives his Body and Soul increased Survivality.

His Body Won't Die Easily Because the only reason why some assassins are brave enough to face his Soul is because they Are confident with their lifesteal. Reduce their lifesteal and They are going to avoid You.

This Is Also my Counter Item for MM.Corrosion Scythe will Give You A total of 65% attack speed if You Complete 5 stack.

This Item Will Also Gave Your 2nd Skill Some Slow Effect,making Them unable to escape easily.

Demon Hunter Is A Very Good Item For Hanzo Since he's An Attack Speed Based Assassin.It also drains hp quickly.Deadlyblade Paired With DemonHunter Is Already Devastating Actually.

Berserker's Fury For Additional DMG,good for Cleaning Their HP In 1 strike of basic attack.Go for despair for max Physical Attack or malefic Roar for tanks.

This Build Gives:
  • 110%AttackSpeed
  • Mobility
  • SlowEffect
  • AntiRegen
  • 25%crit
  • HP Devour
  • RawDMG
  • BuildAdvantage

Its A Cheap Build Actually.This Is Good From Early To LateGame.This Build is more Dangerous in LateGame.Designed To Kill Almost

Class(Tank,Mage,Assassin,MM,Support).Just Beware Of Lapu-he can shred hanzo in few bursts

If Belerick Is Present In The Enemy line-up, Change The Berserker's Fury into Golden Staff and pick Vengeance Spell to Shred Him Easily Without Worries.You need A High DPS plus Demon Hunter to Kill him

(Sorry AdminGanda But were Going To Counter Your Baby)

Ask A Tank(best Would be Grock) to Raid Enemy's Jungle. Best place to raid is Enemy' Purple buff(Bot lane) since they wouldn't touch those buff until they are strong Enough. Then Go Mid lane to clear waves.

Go Attack The Green Buff on your Right Side.dont use ur First Skill on it.kill the green buff using 2nd and basic Attack then Devour The Purple Buff Below you. At this Rate, You'll be Lvl4.ask An Ally to rotate with you,best would Be Bot Lane. Clear waves then Crab. Just Be Lowkey and Wait for the Golden Opportunity To Launch An attack.

It would be wasteful of time and DemonBlood if you Launch An Attack and didn't kill the target.

When Pushing,I recommend using your Soul As A pushing Character For minimal Casualty.If You think Your Teammates Are Already Comfortable,You Can Do the Assassinations.

WhenRaiding An Enemy Attacking The lord,Set your Body in A most Safe And Far To be reached Quickly.Use Ur Full 2nd Skill AoE in the lord's area and Strike Your DemonThorns(First Skill).

Always Remember To Place Your Body in The most safest place if Possible.When Attacking the enemy base,"Enter" the main base (pass through inside it) using your soul and attack it inside.

Enemy's will just watch while attacking you(hahaha,i tried it already and won the game). He is Good In lower ranks but in epic and legend, sometimes he's a ban priority, if not,they are smart to counter You.

If Harley Or aldoua Try to Attack You with Ulti,Run for a bit and Use Ur Ulti To summon your soul to To transfer The Ulti,you should Move ur soul forward either Chase them or face up with them for body's Safety.

(note that this is only applicable if you use either sprint or Arrival)I dont much use him also since This Hero is A Certified "MVP LOSE" hero.but he is quite good if you have a game buddy/buddies.

He is Good At carrying.Just bear In mind that you should be Careful of Natalia.TBH,I'm Not scared Of assassins even pro like gusion or Helcurt but Natalia is the Most effective counter For Him.

It's like Natalia is Assassinating you while your sleeping.Another Scary also sometimes is his rival Hayabusa(in fact,i killed many hanzo user using hayabusa).As long As Haya Planted His Shadow,Its A well played for hanzo.

That is my hanzo guide. I believe he is really hard to use because you have to master timing farming rotation etc but for those hanzo Learners,just believe "We can do it"-layla

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