Hanzo + Widowmaker Survivial Guide


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Jun 27, 2018
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First off, this is not a guide for Hanzo or Widow players, it is a guide if you have both Hanzo and Widow on your team (may also work for a full dps team)

If you're unlucky to get in a team with a "I play whoever the fxxk I want" attitude, don't be pissed, try to be optimistic. Because it could get worse if noob Genji is also on the team.

Here are some tips to survive and get a chance to win:

1) Don't waste time telling those players to change characters. Because these fxxxktards won't, so don't bother. Accept it.

2) Pick characters that have high teamkill potential: Reaper, 76, Rein, Tracer/ Genji if you know how to use them.

3) Be a troll yourself, pick Torb. Turret can compensate for your team's low accuracy. Opponenet team may have a hard time figuring out where all the bullets are coming from afar.

4) Your emotion is key in winning. Opponent team may not be as strong as you think, so don't give up so easily. Try to focus.

If you have any ideas to win in a wtf team, put them in the comment section.

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