Happy 5th Anniversary Fate/Grand Order JP! What to Expect?

Guild of Guardians
Longevity in a mobile game is a sight truly to behold. Usually these games only last from 2-3 years, and that is at best. Commonly it's at 1-2 years and the worse one I've seen is 6 months, truly a volatile market. But if you play your cards right, have the right IP to create a game at and become beloved by the player base, you will have a game that has a long lifespan, such is the case of our topic today, Fate Grand Order! Let's talk about FGO and its recent 5th anniversary.

Before you ask why it is the 5th Anniversary already, the answer is simple, we're talking about the FGO JP, the original server of the game. The title of their 5th anniversary, is "under the same sky". It's truly a shame that COVID-19 is upon us and that have hindered the anniversary which has a big venue and tons of in real life activities that are plan but it's a sacrifice for now. Maybe next year will be different. Now that's out of the way, let's discuss what they have in store for us. There are tons of goodies for those who are playing the game right now and for those who would like to have a try at the game.

Fate Grand Order a.jpg

Memorial Quests are Back

As always, your favorite memorial quests are back and will be up in the days of the anniversary. Make sure to finish them all to get the rewards that will definitely pique your interest. What is it you ask, simple. Summon Tickets and Travel Journal tickets which will net you a great looking Craft Essence with the servant that you like. Definitely a great keep for the art.

Log-in Streaks

Do not forget to log-in every day for the duration of the event to get more rewards in the game. Anniversaries of FGO usually have these tons of rewards so this is the perfect time to jump in and experience the game, well of course if you can understand Japanese of course!

Fate Grand Order b.jpg

Log-in the game 7 consecutive times and get, 10 Million QP, 100k Friend Points, 10 Gold Experience Cards, 10 Golden Apples, 20 Silver Fous (10 of each type), and finally 10 Summon Tickets. Do note that the Silver Fous will be on separate days, so remember to login every day.

Meanwhile there will also be a cumulative log-in streak for 4 days, and these rewards are not too shabby at all! In fact, they are something you don't want to miss! These include, 200 Mana Prisms, 1 Attack Gold Fou, 1 HP Gold Fou and finally 1 Rare Prisms. You definitely don't want to miss on the Rare Prism.

Saint Quartz Galore

Since it's anniversary, it is high time to roll more servants to strengthen your forces! They know that so they are raining us down with various rewards that will come on our way. That's this will be the perfect time to hop in the JP server if you've been interested.

First of all, JP players will receive a whooping 90 SQ, yep you heard me right, 90 Saint Quartz, which was achieved due to a Twitter campaign and Gilgamesh's Challenge, great boon for everyone there as they try to get the new limited servant that we will discuss later. Up to 130 Saint Quartz are to be given to those veterans who have played the game so long that they have finished the missions that are attached to it. It contains a variety such as doing strengthening quests, clearing story and finishing campaigns.

Finally, you can get 1 SQ fragment every mission arrow that there is, even the free and the no battle quests. This is hype because if you have played the game and are updated to the latest happening, then you will have a lot of SQ fragments, accumulating up to 1049 SQ Fragments! That's a huge number, but if we divide it by 7 which is the conversion rate to a single Saint Quartz, then you'll have 149 SQ, add one more for 5 Multi-summons of 11.

Strengthening Quests

Just like every year we receive a huge amount of Strengthening Quests, these quests help the game to reduce the amount of powercreep that can be spotted in the game as sometimes they release stronger servants that will outshine the others, so if that happens, they'll make these quests to buff the servants more.

Fate Grand Order c.jpg

There are tons of buffed servants, each with different effects, but if we list it here, we'll have a lot of things to input, but to sum it up, these servants include Phantom of the Opera, Brynhildr, Darius III, Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker), David, Yu Miaoyi, Nezha, Arjuna, Gilgamesh (Caster), Miyamoto Musashi (Saber), F/SN Cu Chulainn, Heracles, F/SN Emiya (Archer), and finally F/SN Artoria (Saber). They all have different buffs but the ones who have received notable ones are Musashi, and the 4 stay night servants, which definitely makes them interesting even more. Some of them are easy to get so newbies will definitely benefit from it as long as they do the strengthening quests!

Artoria Caster is the Anniversary Servant

If the Skadi salt from the anniversary in NA is not enough, get a load of this year's Anniversary servant in JP. Presenting, Artoria (Caster), she is from a timeline where Artoria didn't continue on her original path as a king but took an apprenticeship in Merlin to become a renown caster, in which may be related to the next story event that they will have soon. Her abilities are spot-on powerful that there might be a renewed arts meta in the future, with various NP batteries and various protection buffs that she can provide. It is interesting how things will go there.

Fate Grand Order d.png

She will also share a banner with Leonardo Da Vinci (Rider) or Lolivinci which some players might want to try if they are also interested in her.

Details on this year's GSSR

Fellow masters have various ways to remove the salt in the game and that is by doing the GSSR banners, GSSR or Guaranteed SSR Banners are banners that you can get a guaranteed SSR servant in that multi-roll. We all know how it sucks to get a 5 star servant in the game as the rates are pretty stingy, in all of our books, even the players know that, so if you want to get a guaranteed win of a 5 star (and we pray that it is not a dupe) roll one here! Be careful though. Remember that this is a paid summon means you got to shell out some cash. But don't worry, you have options where to roll. This year's GSSR are separated by years that they are summoned therefore, plan your options in which to roll.

Fate Grand Order e.png

Fate Grand Order f.png

Travel Portrait CEs

Remember the tickets we told you earlier in the memorial quests? This is where you get to use the tickets earlier. Look at them and see what you like. Remember, you only get to use two of them so make sure that you get your favorites, there are no takebacks once you choose them so be careful in what to select!

New Spiritron Dresses on the Way

Are you enjoying playing with your different servants in the game? Want to spice up their costumes a bit while we're at it? Then, if you have Arjuna (Archer), Da Vinci (Rider). Nero Claudius (Saber), Okada Izo, and Paul Bunyan, then you can acquire their spiritron dresses that are available in the anniversary!

Limited Game

What is an anniversary without something special outside the game, lucky 550,000 players will get a chance to dance with our favorite Kouhai, Mash Kyrielight as you play Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM. It's a rhythm game where you see Mash dance along with all your favorite tracks of the series, the game is pretty amazing to look at really. With the 3D animation and how it looks, hope you get lucky to play the limited game.


No More Code Removers

While we have just received Command Codes in NA, JP is revising the system a bit already. How? Simply removing the code removers. These pesky removers are objects you need to remove the command code in a command card of a servant, these usually cost Mana Prisms which can be a detriment to saving them for Summon Tickets, Experience Cards or Fou cards in Da Vinci's Workshop. So now, forget that, they are now removing it from the game!

Mana Prism Daily Mission Revised

Chaldea Gate Daily Missions have various things to do, from the QP Daily Quests, Gem Daily Quests and the EXP Card Daily Quests, finishing one can net you 4 Mana Prisms as bonus in the game. Well, another revision is on the way, each time you do a daily quest in the Chaldea Gate, you will receive 10 Mana Prisms, 3 times in each day. So you can get 30 per day which is a great boon to stock up for the Anniversary CE and the monthly shop in the Shop.

Expanded Storage

Your Second Archive and Command Code Inventory getting full? Don't worry! Another expansion is on it's way! Command Codes now have a 300 storage capactiy while Second Archive for both can now be expanded from the prior 600 (assuming you bought the other expansions in the workshop) to 800. You don't have to burn your favorite CEs now! Go expand further your storage!

Daily Quests Halved and Double Success Rates

And as for the classic anniversary, Daily Quests in the Chaldea Gate are halved cost so you can farm your heart's content to whatever you need there. Also, levelling up servants and craft essences are now double the chance to get great and super success! Meaning you can rush your levelling of them so that you can get them ready in the battlefield even more. How fun right? This is great for those catching up their servants and the beginners who want a quick headstart!


Phew! That's a lot right? Well, I bet a ton of JP players are happy with all the rewards that they got. If you want to join in the fun, head over and play the JP version of FGO too, it is available in QooApp anyways, so go get them. For us, NA players, we'll get them soon, don't worry, in 2 years time! So, tell me what are your thoughts about the FGO JP's 5th Anniversary Celebration. Tell us in the comment section below!