Harvest Moon 64 Launches For Wii U This Week

Discussion in 'WiiU & Wii' started by LockDown, Feb 22, 2017.

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    February 23 is the official launching of the Wii U version of Harvest Moon 64 in North America which is ahead of one day for the Europe that has been announced by the games publisher Natsume. This news comes as part of a 20-year anniversary celebration for the Harvest Moon series. Wii U owners looking for some farming action will have something new to play later this week.


    The farming/life sim genre received a shot in the arm last year with the release of the aforementioned Stardew Valley, which itself was inspired by Harvest Moon. A previously announced Wii U version has been canceled, although the existing PC, Xbox One, and PS4 versions will soon be joined by a Switch version.

    source via Nintendo Life
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    ahahaha addict XD

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