Have a game you wanted to play but it's not global? Here are some tips for you!

We've all been there. Some games are only available in certain regions and has not made their global release, people will be asking "Where's global?" and they will be disheartened or pissed at the notion. Well, let us try to address that solution for you by giving ideas how to circumvent that. Huge disclaimer though, most of these non-global version are in their native language, either JP, CN or KR versions have their games in their language, if you're willing to learn them or have learned them then you're good to go, otherwise, try to learn them or have a guide to help you in playing the game!

For Android Users
Android has been one of the main systems being used in the smartphone industry, being readily available and moddable, phone lovers always prefer the liberty and freedom that you can do with your phone if you own an android device and thus people have found more ways of downloading applications and playing games that they like to try.

One such examples are other app stores, Google Play Store is cool and all but if you can't squeeze in a small amount of space and demands more storage space, that's a big problem in on itself, plus sometimes it is lacking of other apps. For non-global games we suggest you try out other application stores such as Qooapp and APKPure, these stores have different versions of the games you play that you might find truly interesting, CN, JP and KR versions are most likely there so I suggest you give it a shot!

For iOS Users

The security the iOS offers is one of a kind! The drawback of their less liberties is that they can always ensure that the ones that you will be downloading are virus-free and your phone will less likely be attacked by one since the majority of the users are playing in Android therefore, malicious entities will prefer to attack the Android users rather than iOS. Still, this does not mean you should just go willy-nilly and download everything it's just a big pro but not a fool-proof idea.

iOS users that want to try other games, here's a solution for you. Set up an iTunes account and set it in the region where the game that you want to play is in that area. Sure, it is not intuitive than the android idea, but it is one of a way that you can really circumvent the problem. Security at the cost of exclusivity can really be troublesome. But if you can find a way to make QooApp work in iOS, then you have an easier solution in your hands!

Show your Support!

If you really want the game to have a global version rather than wait or do the tips advised to you then here's an idea to make sure that your voice gets heard. Send your support! Send emails, ask politely in their twitter, coordinate or give them tips regarding statistics and the hype surrounding the game that wanted to have a global release. If the regional developers and creator of the game have heard of your idea, who knows it might be heard and release it soon.

This is an example, when Konosuba! Fantastic Days have been released in Japan, folks outside of Japan have shown their interest in the game which the developers have noticed and told them that for now, it will only be on Japan but they are truly excited to make a global version for everyone to notice. Of course, we should consider that listening to us means more players in the future to support longevity of the games, therefore, it is only right to give our thoughts and make suggestions in their stead.

Patience is Key

Once you have sent this idea though, all you need to do is be patient. Some developers are going to adjust some things and even rely on other publishers to release the game for them. Handling multiple servers and versions of the game can be a hassle therefore, if they relegate the global version in other devs, expect some changes or hope for the best, but hey, atleast you got your global version!

It won't be all good news, but if you are patient enough after being vocal about your wish to have that game a global version, then they might just give it a go and see how it goes for the fans.


Aaaaand that is all! As a gacha gamer, I have a lot of games wishing to have a global version, some even requesting a PC port because my phone can only play some games, but always remember that if we ask politely or create ways to circumvent the regional problems of our games, we can play them, enjoy to our heart's content and support the developers for making our days less boring. How about it? Any games that does not have a global version but you guys want to have? Tell us in the comments below!