Hayabusa Guide and Build

Guild of Guardians


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Oct 9, 2018
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Hayabusa is best in taking out carry and killing them instantly. His damage is all about stacking and crowd control which you really need to exterminate squishy marksman and spell caster without giving them a chance to fight back

Early game in laning is not difficult for you to dominate because of your passive. All you have to do is to hit the same target 4 times to activate the heal. The tricks here is to not go a full-in or trades more than 4 hits. You need to take down your target little by little until you can kill it with your all-in together with your ultimate.

For teamfight, you have only one task, assassinate the carry no matter what. Don’t be tempted to aim for disable enemies but to assassinate the carry. This will make the enemy carry ineffective as he has two choices to do with you. First is to die trading with you, or to run and get zoned out. Either of the two, it will gives a big downside in team fight and you can win the game with it.

For the important mechanics of playing Hayabusa, you need to finish the game as early as possible since he doesn’t snowball well in late game. Even you are well fed but once the game exceeds more than 20 minutes, the enemy carry will just stand and kill you in trades.