Hearth Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 3


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Feb 17, 2023
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This Runeword can only be created by players who are currently on a Ladder character during Ladder Season 3, or in Offline Single-Player mode. Completed Ladder Runeword items can be moved with the player to regular play at the conclusion of the Ladder, but new ones cannot be created in non-Ladder online games.
If you attempt create this Runeword on non-Ladder online character, it will simply be a collection of Runes without the special Runeword properties. Don't waste your Runes!

Quick Facts about Hearth
Type: Helm
Armor Base Needed: All Helms, including Barbarian Helms and Druid Pelts
Number of Sockets: 3
Required Runes: Shael, Io, Thul

Overview of the Hearth Runeword
Hearth is one of five new mid-level Helm runewords offering 20% Faster Hit Recovery (from Shael) and +10 to Vitality (from Io). Thul offers +30% Cold Resistance; Hearth adds an additional 10-30% Cold Resistance.
It also adds 10-15% Cold Absorb. This means that when you or your mercenary get hit by a Cold attack, a portion of that attack after Cold Resistance has been applied will be returned as direct healing, to a maximum of 40% Cold Absorb.
Cannot Be Frozen is also a very good property to have at any level; the Wisdom helm runeword also has it, but that is not available until level 45.
The Hearth Runeword also offers an increase to maximum life, making it especially good for players or Mercenaries struggling with survivability.

Hearth Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths of the Hearth Runeword:

Can be very good for certain bosses that use Cold attacks, such as Duriel, Diablo, Baal, and Izual.
Easily-farmed runes accessible by early Nightmare
Decent additions to defense and maximum Life to help with overall survivability, particularly for Mercenaries.
Cold Absorb is an unusual property only found in a handful of Unique items, at ten levels below the next lowest Cold Absorb item (the Ravenfrost ring at 45).

Weaknesses of the Hearth Runeword:
Cold attacks are not as deadly as other types, and Cold Resistance itself is not uncommon.
A strong mid-game contender for not a lot of investment, but won't have staying power.