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May 11, 2015
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Hearthstone Philippines frequently asked questions, A few answers to your most-repeated questions.

Q: What REGION should I play in?
A: AMERICAS or NA. This is where all of the regional tournaments happen, so most Pinoy players are there. For more information regarding regions in relation to the (Hearthstone Championship Tour) check this: http://goo.gl/e4cHVN

Q. I don't have a credit card. How do I buy in-game items?
A. You can buy cards with MOL points.

You can also use several services that let's you buy iTunes, Google play, or battle.net credits. Here's a guide on how to do that.

We also suggest that you open a bank account and link your debit card to your Paypal account.

Q: Which LEGENDARY should I craft? Q: WOOHOO I GOT [insert LEGENDARY here], DO I DE?

A: If it makes you happy, go ahead. When in doubt, don't. There is also an article (in the link) that lists most playable Legendaries in Hearthstone and whether or not to disenchant them: http://goo.gl/i20Chh

DE guides go out-of-date really fast. You can use terms Hearthstone disenchant craft guide/etc.

We do have a crafting guide made by our very own players at our files. If you do find a better or an updated guide please, edit or comment on the file for the useful links.

Q: Guys, my transaction failed! I lost my gold, what do I do?
A: Send a ticket to Blizzard. Go to us.battle.net > login with your BNet Account > Click Support. You can send tickets there.

Q: When does the maintenance happen?
A: It's usually every Tuesday from around 8PM to 2AM. For the current server status and the latest news regarding maintenance check here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/forum/14760768

Q: I have a bit of gold. Do I buy packs or just play Arena?
A: Arena is usually the better option. Once you get the hang of it, you can consistently win enough gold to get you another Arena pass and dust. The better you are, the more cards (especially gold versions) and packs you get.

Q: Wait, HOW do you even Arena in this game?
A: The Arena is fun. You get to think on your feet, make do with what you picked and win more gold and/or packs. The Arena, in my opinion, is a good place to start if you want to build your collection. Why? For 150g, you are already guaranteed a pack and some dust or additional gold. Plus, if you win more, you get more gold, dust, and/or some random card.

Do you have to be an expert to play in the Arena?
Nope, but the rewards are great as you get better at playing in the arena. You can play in the arena and enjoy it even if you are new in the game. Of course, it also helps to know what you are getting into. If you have played Magic: The Gathering before, this is like Booster Draft but you cannot go back on the other cards once you have chosen one, so choose carefully.

Getting started in the Arena
Drafting is half the battle. Bad draft = bad game. Maybe you could pull off a miracle or you encounter somebody with a worse draft, so there’s that slim chance of winning. I wouldn’t bet my foil cards on it though.

If you’ve looked at online arena guides before, you’d see that the classes are grouped into tiers. Some of the grouping may be debatable but I think everyone is in agreement with the first tier:

Tier 1: Mage, Rogue
Tier 2: Priest, Shaman, Paladin, Warlock
Tier 3: Warrior, Druid
Tier 4: Hunter

How do you draft a good arena deck?

First thing you have to watch is your mana curve. I found that going for a balanced midrange curve yields the most consistent results. I usually take out a piece of paper and count the cards I’m drafting, grouping them into the following:
  • 2 mana drop = 5 cards
  • 3 mana drop = 5 cards
  • 4 mana drop = 5 cards
  • 5+ mana drop = 5 cards
Spells/removals/weapons/conditional minions = 10 cards
The distribution should more or less be like that, however, there are occasions when you cannot follow this strictly. For example, you get more 4-mana minions than 3-mana because of the card choices presented to you.

See how some columns may have more cards than the others?
The 5+ drops are your finishers. The last group is pretty self-explanatory but let me elaborate on “conditional minions”. These are the guys that give buffs or synergize with the other cards. Examples are Acolyte of Pain and Defender of Argus. Basically they’re minions whose primary function isn’t to fight. This is the part where synergy is not really a bad thing.

Try to go for the “best” cards every draft till you get to 15/30. From then on you should try fixing the curve. Always go for the 2-drops first, they’re harder to come by statistically (read an article on this and well, math). So when you’re given a choice between Faerie Dragon and Dark Iron Dwarf early on, go for the former.

One-mana drops are generally not good because they’re easy to ping with hero power but there are exceptions like Argent Squire and Worgen Infiltrator. If used properly, Worgen Infiltrator almost always trades for a 2-drop. I would also put Voodoo Doctor in IF there are no better cards, but if I have to choose between him and Fireball, I’d go with Fireball.

Here’s a link to the table of the cards (opens in new tab) that will help you visualize which cards are better picks. This is based on Trump’s but I’ve edited it based on what worked in the arena runs that I did. If you have a question on why some minions are placed under the Terrible column, feel free to ask.

Some awesome cards in constructed may be terrible in the arena. The arena focuses mainly on the vanilla stats of a minion. Stats for mana cost, always (Chillwind Yeti, you will always be king). Special considerations are Minions with good Deathrattles (e.g. Harvest Golem), good Battlecries (e.g. Azure Drake, Dark Iron Dwarf), and other special properties (e.g. Spectral Knight, Faerie Dragon, Argent Commander).

Synergy is not your main goal in the Arena
Don’t even think about drafting a Murloc deck because chances are, your Bluegill Warrior’s friends will never come. It would be a special case if you already have one part of the combo you’re going for and then you actually get the other part. However, you’re better off not attempting this at all. For example, don’t pick Ancient Watcher in the hopes of getting Ironbeak Owl or Sunfury Protector later. This is the Arena, not constructed.

Some cards are only good if you have only a few of them
Too many weapons would just crowd your hand. More than two Flamestrikes can prove to be a waste. A bunch of Assassinates can only do so much. You don’t need more than one Mind Control. Fireball is an exception. I usually do really well if I get around 3-4 copies of this card in my deck. I’m not really sure if keeping 5 Fireballs would be good though–most probably not. These are a few subtleties that you will learn as you keep playing.

What about class cards?
I’ll make a separate article for the classes, but in general they are always the better pick. Some class cards are awful, you’ll have no trouble singling them out if you keep in mind the basics of arena picks. Removals are almost always a better pick (e.g. Flamestrike, Blizzard, Consecration).

I’m F2P. Is playing in the arena worth my hard-earned gold?
I think so because as I’ve mentioned earlier, you are already guaranteed a pack and some other stuff–even if you lose. A hundred gold will only get you a pack while 150 gold will give you a pack, some dust/gold/card, and you get better. Trite as it may sound, but practice does make perfect. The better you get at the arena, the easier it will be for you to farm gold.

Q: Speaking of Arena, I get Legendaries/gold cards when I have a shitty run (0-3)! This is a new thing I should tell my friends, right?
A: NO. The only reason you're seeing people post their great packs despite a poor Arena run is because no one is posting their poor packs for a poor Arena run. There is no "correct" way to open packs to increase your chances of getting good cards, and there is certainly no proof that a bad Arena run will always net you good packs as a sort of consolation prize. Do not spread misinformation, please. Thread deletion about this "0-3 Arena pack" hype is a very big possibility (and getting banned from the group if you are a repeat offender).

Q: Speaking of Legendaries, I got one! What deck should I put him in?
A: Try to Google "name of Legendary" + "hearthstone" + "decks". Check the links and see if your Legendary is a good fit for a deck. Try and use it in the deck that you currently have and see if the Legendary fits your playstyle.

Q: How do I get those alternative card backs my opponents have?
A: Card backs are given when you finish a season (meaning month) with Rank 20 or higher. Each design is unique to a season as far as we know.

Q: How do I enable the card back I just got?
A: Go to Options and click the card back you wish to use.

Q: I killed an opponent in less than seven turns! Imma post this!
A: Congratulations? Sorry we don't have a prize for you.

Q: Kelan po magkakaron ng Meet And Greet (MAG)/Grand EyeBall (GEB)? Gusto ko makita yung crush ko, si (insert name here) in person!
A: Gusto niyo ba? Kaya naman yan kung may interisado. Join our Discord channel for updates on events. Events will also be posted on our group page. Alternatively you can check the official fireside gathering tracker here: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/fireside-gatherings

Q: How do I get the Tyrande Whisperwind Avatar?
A: Follow this guide written by one of our members.

How to get Tyrande (also for Mobile) in the Philippines.
  1. Make sure your battle.net client is disabled (Blizzard might think your account got hacked by someone from the US and softban the account)
  2. Get Cyberghost http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_us also available in App Store and Google Play
  3. Set your location as United States (free users might have to wait for 2 minutes).
  4. Create an Amazon account https://www.amazon.com/ and upgrade to Amazon Prime, they will ask for a credit card, It is possible to use our reliable GCash / Paymaya cards. Use a relative's address from the states
  5. Amazon prime has a free trial choose that.
  6. Sign up for a Twitch account twitch.tv and start your 30 day trial for Twitch Prime https://twitch.amazon.com/prime
  7. Link your Amazon prime account to your twitch prime account, One of your rewards is the Tyrande skin which will be a code.
  8. Redeem that code in your Battle.net client or website by signing in later.
  9. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Cancel your Amazon Prime membership or you will be charged after 30 days
  10. Logout/Restart your device to return to the Philippines as your virtual address, login to your battle.net account and redeem your code.
Q: Where is the Search function? I can't find it anywhere!
A: Sadly, the Facebook app for Android and iOS does not have the search function enabled. However, accessing the group page via your laptop or desktop should show the little magnifying glass. If you can, please use this function first before you post.

Q: What is the Standard Format?
A: Standard format or Standard is one of Hearthstone's two game formats. Games played in Standard format include only cards from card sets released in the current or previous calendar year, as well as the Basic and Classic sets. Cards from other sets cannot be included in decks used in Standard matches. For more info, check this link: http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Standard_format

Q: When do cards rotate for the Standard Format?
A: Hearthstone Standard Rotation Schedule & Guide: http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/guides/hearthstone-standard-rotation-schedule-guide/

Q: How do I know what the current meta is? What does meta mean? Where can I find resources for beginners?
A: "Meta" is the current trend of decks seen in Ranked play or in tournaments. Usually, a certain archetype will emerge as a popular choice because it's effective (like aggro). Then, players will create a deck to counter the popular deck and it will be the new popular deck (like control versus aggro).

That's "meta." Unfortunately, you'll need to research in order to find out what the popular meta is. Most of us don't really click links or read long articles, but maybe watching videos on YouTube will work for you. There are a lot of streamers on YouTube and Twitch who like to build and play decks according or in response to the current metagame.

For the current reports about the meta - please check “5. Tools” section of the Helpful Links for Hearthstone Beginners / Resource for the Vets. located in our files.

Q: What should I do if the question I have is not answered here?
A: You can post your question on the page. Alternatively, you could research wherein Google would be your best friend.