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May 11, 2015
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Hello guys! Ako yung nanghingi ng tips nung nkaraang araw, I finally hit legend! my 3rd time to hit legend, 'di pa ko natutulog haha. I brainstormed my own Midrange Shaman deck na ngwinstreak from rank 3 - legend with around 5 losses lang. I also vigirously studied the matchups. If marami pong makakaappreciate, I will make a guide
Have fun!


So basically, the most important thing lalo na if you've reached high ranks is understanding the meta.

You can copy any deck and reached high ranks pero pagdating mo ng rank 5 above, you will realize na mas madalas ka ng matatalo, you know why? It's because these guys already know what you're playing and can easily counter them.

Me myself just also used a cookie cutter Shaman deck 'gang rank 3 then after 'nun I just started losing, aakyat ka then bababa din. I've tried teching in a few things pero sobrang diverse ng meta that time, you will win dun sa ngtech ka but you will lose to other matchups and 'di pa ko ganun kafamiliar sa playstyle ng Shaman, I only started playing the deck last month and now I already have a fair grasp kung pano laruin.

Some of you guys may not like my card choices and it's up to you naman, I really optimized this deck to beat the mirror matchup

Card Choices
2x Kobold Geomancer - Because most Shaman games are really decided on early Spirit Claws and your AOE, if you can clear an enemy board of around 4hp or below 4-5 minions, you've basically won the game by value and kapag nacontrol mo ang early game using your weapon beating those Troggs, totems and feral spirits, mabilis kang magiisnowball, no need to wait for RNG when you have this card.

Now dahil most games are decided by AOE also, it's really hard to overcommit lalo na if you only have 3 hp or below minions.

This is where Master of Evolution comes to play

2x Master of Evolution - this card passes the 4hp threshold so its already good on its own, now the best thing is the power to reset a high cost minion, kung nadamage for example ang azure drake mo and its already 1 hp, this guy can turn it into another minion with full hp kahit pa 4/4 lng kapalit nyan yan, its already good

No Feral Spirit - After playing a lot of games with the Shaman, ive found this card really bad against the mirror because of it's 3 hp and maooverload ka pa. If you've played this card along with other cards then naboard clear ka, its almost already a loss because you can't gain the tempo back because of overload.

No Barnes, Ragnaros - After testing this combo, it's also bad against the mirror, kahit pa mapull out mo pa si Ragnaros if it just hits face, i don't think its worth it. Shaman games are decided by board control, not face damage. And madalas nacloclog lang sa hand mo until turn 8 kasi kahit ilapag mo si Ragnaros, you fear that it will just hit a random totem.

1 Manatide Totem - You can test 2 but I think 1 is sufficient, Manatide for me is a win-more card. If you have the board, its really good pero if you don't, its so bad and since I don't run other totem synergies like primal fusion and barnes, its good at 1

1 Bloodlust - Dahil optimized ang deck against the mirror, I need to have something against control and this is where this card comes to play, won me a lot of games against warriors and freeze mage. It's makes useless totems suddenly scary.

1 Tunnel Trogg - since i don't play Feral Spirit, I also cut 1 Tunnel Trogg, I don't think Tunnel Trogg makes really a big impact. It can easily be killed by Totem Golem and easily cleared by AOE.

1 Harrison Jones - this card is essential, it can win games on its own. I don't think Ooze can replace it, need mo kasi ung value against the mirror dahil hindi race to face ang nangyayari.

No Flamewreathe Faceless - running this card is too risky because of Hex. If this card get Hexed on turn 4, it would be a hard game afterwards.

Tunnel Trogg, 2x Totem Golem, Spirit Claws, Bloodmage Thalnos or Kobold Geomancer (if you have claws), Bloodlust(against control)

Matchups Midrange Shaman
  • keep lightning bolt if you have claws in mulligan
  • now you need to assess the board lagi, do you have the board or not?
  • Branch A (if you have the board)
  • Keep minions above 3-4 hp, abuse Master of Evolution, dont flood with small hp minions as much as possible, dapat balance ka like may Thing from Below, Valiant or Elemental on the side so you won't be board cleared. Trade the smallest minions.
  • Always keep claws at 2 or 1 durability to prevent swing from Harrison Jones.
  • Always count Bloodlust lethal, 20 damage is very easy to reach.
  • Have a spell power minion in hand if you already have one on the board.
  • Strongest minions on the left and weakest minions on the right for best trade with Flametongue Totem.
  • Always keep a spell AOE on hand, if they already know you don't have any more AOE, they will flood the board, Don't spam -your portals even if you have remaining mana!
  • If you already have a lot of minions on board, summon the one you are ok to sacrifice like Drake, Manatide, or Thalnos.
  • Hex only if you're behind too much tempo, dont spam Hex if you can easily trade.
  • Hero power as much as possible

Branch B (if you don't have the board)
  • Keep a spell power minion in hand for maximum AOE damage
  • if you dont have AOE, fish for AOE, use your drakes, manatide and thalnos
  • Try to prevent damage as much as possible by spamming hero power
  • Hex a 5hp minion
  • Dont play too much cards, wait for your AOE
  • If opponent turn 1 summon Trogg, you can coin Totem Golem if you have claws

Control Warrior
  • Spam hero power as much possible to gain taunts, they will have to use their weapons for it
  • Keep Harrison for Gorehowl, dont use on Fiery War Axe
  • Dont flood too much, just bring out 1 big minion and just totems, you have to wait for brawl
  • Its ok to spam portal if you have enough damage for bloodlust

  • keep AOE on mulligan
  • Hex councilman or doomguard, you can also use it on imp gang boss if you have another one
  • the spell aoe combo is crucial here so try to maximize value, they will flood the board once you used your AOE

Tempo Mage
  • Avoid face damage as much as possible, dont hit minions with your weapon if you're already below 15 hp
  • They can't win on board so they have to rely on face damage
  • be wary of flamestrike, don't flood small hp minions

Freeze Mage
  • Pray you overwhelm early, this is a bad matchup
  • Be wary of blizzard and Flamestrike
  • Hex the doomsayer

  • wait hex for highmane
  • check explosive trap before using hero power
  • avoid face damage as much as possible,dont hit minions with your weapon if you're already below 15 hp
  • They can't win on board so they have to rely on face damage

Spell Druid
  • Hero power as much as possible so they have to waste spells on it
  • Flood as much as possible to win early, you don't want to get into late game with Malygos
  • be wary of swipe, dont keep 1 hp minions, and try to to keep biggest minion above 4hp
  • turn 3 manatide is good play on an empty board

Next tip, try to play at the best times possible on your region like when few people so you can queue weaker opponents haha

like i said, understand the meta, this deck is useless if you're not facing midrange shamans.

See you at legend!