Heaven Burns Red Online Presentation will be streaming on September 11

The mobile game project of WFS and Visual Arts will be reactivated on September 11.


WFS and Visual Arts has announced that their mobile game project Heaven Burns Red will be reactivated with new details that will be presented through an online presentation set on September 11. This mobile project is a new game made by Key’s visual novel writer Jun Maeda.


A new visual art by Illustrator Yūgen and a video of the reactivated project are released. A teased site made by WFS was also opened that has a timer counting down to the day of the livestream of the game. This live stream of Heaven Burns Red is where more information of the game will be revealed.

Heaven Burns Red was first announced back in November of 2019. It was originally set to launch in 2020, however, the project came to an end without further notice.

Jun Maeda, Visual novel brand Key’s co-creator, is credited as the original story and main scenario writer. The tracks and music of the game is also supervised by him.


The online presentation will start on September 11, 20:00 (JPT). It can be streamed on YouTube and Niconico. Voice actresses Tomori Kusunoki, who voiced the main character Ruka Kayamori and Maekawa Ryoko, who voiced Yuki Izumi are invited as guests in the livestream.

Heaven Burns Red character designer Yūgen, Key’s representative Takahiro Baba, and the game’s producer Yohei Kakinuma will also come in the online presentation.