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Apr 22, 2019
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Helcurt is a squishy assassin that was balanced with his ability to deal massive amounts of burst damage. He is a counterpick to heroes who rely on their skills to do damage such as most mages and assassins. Helcurt is one of the fastest farmers in the game due to his 2nd skill and can easily gain a gold and XP lead on enemy heroes. He has a signature skill which is his ultimate skill because it is the only vision impairment skill in the game thus synergising well with allied range heroes. If played well, he is a ganking monster with great team fight utility and can single-handedly carry games. He works well in coordinated teams too as an added bonus. He can solo carry from Warrior to Mythic! Just be a bit lucky in having teammates.


Absolutely destroys squishy heroes who rely on skills to escape because he can prevent them from using skills by his silenced effect
  • Fast farming ability
  • High lane clearing capacity
  • High snowballing probability
A wise choice against marksman team because he greatly counters mages and assassins.

High Team fight Utility with his ultimate skill

Unreplaceable by other assassins because of his signature ultimate skill
  • High mobility
  • High Split push capability
  • Weaknesses
Requires player to be ahead on farm with everyone because he is very reliant on snowballing in order to be useful

Susceptible to Basic attack reliant heroes like Some Marksmen and Fighters

Extremely squishy

Needs proper positioning and the user must mastered that mechanic already

2nd skill is hard to master

Skills Analysis

Passive: Race Advantage
Targets that use Skill within 3 Yard of the Shadowbringer will be exposed to Silence for 0.8 second if their Skill gives Damage. This effect has Cooldown 3 seconds on one target.

Helcurt is obviously a balanced hero with this very balanced passive. He is strong against skill type heroes but is weak against basic attack dependent heroes.

First skill: Shadow Rush

Disappears immediately and shows up at the target location, giving 150+(70% Total Phy Atk) Physical Damage against nearby enemies and silence for 1.5 seconds. Using after Dark Night Falls will also cause additional Slow effect on opponents for 1.5 seconds.

This skill makes her quite slippery. This is a powerful blink skill. Utilize this skill by using it after activating your ultimate skill. Using it allows Helcurt to move through walls to rotate and farm fast.

Second skill: Deadly Poisoned Stinger

Active: Fires his Deadly Poisoned Stingers forward, each Stinger gives 200+ (100% Extra Phy Atk) Physical Damage (Minion and Monsters receive only 70% of Damage), and slowing enemies by 12% (effects can be on Stack) for 3 seconds.

Passive: Each Basic Attack adds a Deadly Poisoned Stinger, can be stored as many as 5 Stingers and lasts for 8 seconds.

Tips: Store up to 5 Stingers to maximize Damage as this is your main Damage Skill. It can also penetrate through the target so choose a good angle to damage more opponents.

Ultimate Skill: Dark Night Falls

Passive: Increases Attack Speed by 10%

Active: Helcurt summoned the darkness, making all the opposing Hero lose sight of the surrounding area as well as Hero's opponent's visions against the surrounding allies for 3.5 seconds, increasing Attack Speed by 10% and 65% Movement Speed for 8 seconds. Dealy Poison Stingers will not disappear duri g this period. (Dark Night Falls will not be effective against Helcurt when used by an enemy) .

Tips: Use anywhere to make all the opposing Hero lose the surrounding vision for 3.5 (except Helcurt) to help your teammates too and get assists.

A Very useful skill. Movement Speed bonuses allow you to go to a fight quickly or catch up with an opponent. Attack Speed bonus substantially increases Burst Damage.

Again! Take Note: This skill is not effective against opponent Helcurt.

Final Skill Tip:

Prioritize skill 2 over skill 1 and upgrade ult whenever possible.

Lanes and matchups

Helcurt is usually played as solo lane with also against a lane with only one opponent. He is an extremely greedy hero.

Helcurt is best played against:
  • Squishy mages
  • Squishy assassins who rely on skills (Fanny, Gusion, Lancelot)
  • Basically anyone who can't outfight you without their skills



Get blue buff (left of midlane) fast to avoid mana problems. You should be able to clear waves fast. You are lucky if the enemy hero in your lane is a melee hero because he can't get near you because your second skill can deal burst damage even in early game. Rotate between jungle/lanes to get level 4 fast. Try to steal enemy jungle when they are too busy clearing minions. You should probably be ahead of everyone by then. You can gank lanes and try to kill as many as you can with your skills and get assists with your ultimate skill. Always have map awareness as your ult can help your team in ganks and give you free assists. You can kill the Turtle if you have lifesteal. Otherwise, allow your teammates to help you.

Mid game:

You should be ahead by at least 1000 gold by now. If you are not, try to re-examine your farming patterns. Helcurt is good solo and should be played aggressively in the mid game. Try to find solo enemy squishies and kill them. Take their jungle and take unattended towers. If your early-mid game goes well, congratulations, you are unstoppable. Capitalize on your gold lead and XP lead by killing and taking objectives. When you get level 12 (with lifesteal!), you can solo Lord and end the fight. This is your time to shine, don't give any breathing space to enemy. If somehow your early game goes badly and you don't have much of a lead, resort to making space by split pushing. That's the only way for you to be useful if you are not ahead in terms of Gold and XP. Only get easy kills and try to draw attention to yourself to free up farming space for your team. You should escape easily with first skill and ult.

Late game:

Ideally, do not let games go very late because if MM and fighters can kill you, you are almost useless in teamfight without your ultimate skill. Helcurt's main strength is deleting people before they can retaliate. Stick with team and don't go hunting for kills. Continue split push if possible. Silence key enemies (stick around them) and help your teammates with your ult in order to still have a high chance of winning



Recommended emblem is the Assassin emblem.

Considerably High level Physical emblem could work also.

Talents I would recommend for the Assassin Emblem are Bounty Hunter and High and Dry.

Go for Open Fire if you are using physical emblem


Recommended spells are Retribution and Petrify

Retribution for more and more FASTER Farming

Petrify is for you to have at least a disable or CC Effect.

Petrify is the META for S11 By the way. We are still studying the Helcurt META for S12.

Item set builds:

Your three set builds can be filled with three ways to play Helcurt.

First one is a Basic Attack Dependent Helcurt

Second one is a Second skill Dependent Helcurt

And the last one is...

Push Prio Helcurt

Take note: Jungle Item to use depends on your battle spell.

If you have retribution as your battle spell, then upgrade to Pillager Axe. Otherwise, stay with Hunter's Knife.

First set build (Basic Attack Prio):
  • Wizard Boots
  • Haas' Claws
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Berserker's Fury
  • Blade of Despair
  • Immortality

  • Wizard Boots
  • Endless Battle
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Berserker's Fury
  • Rose Gold Meteor/Blade of Despair
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Second set build (Skill 2 Prio)
  • Wizard Boots
  • Blade of Despair
  • Endless Battle
  • Rose Gold Meteor
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
  • Immortality

Third set build (Push Prio)
  • Wizard Boots
  • Blade of Despair
  • Hunter's Strike (For Burst Phy Atk andCD Reduction)
  • Haas' Claws
  • Brute Force Chestplate
  • Immortality
(Not a META but works well for some players like AdminGanda because of various playstyles)

Miscellaneous tips:

If you're chasing an enemy, try to just press your attack button then skill 2 so that it will follow the enemy orientation so not to miss skill 2.

First skill during ult has an extra slow

2nd skill also slows

FAQs (Answered by AdminGanda)

1) When will you pick Helcurt?

I decide using these conditions:

Teammates prowess (if they know how to play as a team or how skillful are they)

Enemy Line-up (no MM and 0-1 Hard CC Opponents means autopick for me)

Our line-up (when there is no assassin of course)

2) Is he suitable for every game?

I think Helcurt can be in any good team composition because of his Signature Ultimate Skill. Though, he is not good if your team are shines the most in late game.

3) When are his powerspikes? Does he need specific items to start killing?

He powerspikes once he gets his Ultimate Skill. No specific items though he needs something to give his second skill a burst damage.

4) What to do when you are falling behind the enemy with Helcurt?

Simply Split Push. Helcurt is hard to catch if he has his ultimate and first skill. He is so slippery.

5) What is Helcurt's place in the S12 meta?

A+ Tier... I think

6) What is your skill combo for Helcurt?

Using ult,

Ult > 1st > Basic attack> Full stack 2nd skill > basic attack > petrify > Basic attackSss plus another full stack 2nd skill

This combo can kill almost all heroes.

Without ult,

Petrify> Basic Attack > Full Stack 2nd skill > 1st skill (to chase or to silence) > Basic AttackSss > Full Stack 2nd skill

7) Is he recommended to use from Warrior to Mythic?

Depends on the player. Helcurt has a high carrying capability though it still depends on how skillful the player is. Yet, he is a must-buy hero if you would ask me.

By: AdminGanda and follow Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide


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Helcurt's Basic Rotation: A Special Guide for his upcoming special skin Evolved Predator which will be released this June 13, 2019

Disclaimer: Depende po sa sitwasyon talaga ang rotation. Kaya specific situation ang gagamitin ko para ma-explain ang rotation ni Helcurt Sana may makuha kayong tips not only for Helcurt but also sa rotation ng assassins generally and ng buong team.


Line up:



Top: Leomord
Mid: Harith and Uranus
Bottom: Claude
Jungle: Helcurt

~Analysis sa Laning

Usually kasama ng tank ang mage. Solo laner si Leomord. Si Helcurt naman nakaabang sa midright buff tapos sasamahan niya si Claude sa bottomlane

Buff distribution

Harith sa midleft
Helcurt sa midright

Goldcrab distribution

Leomord sa top
Claude sa bottom

Green monsters distribution

Leomord sa top
Harith sa mid
Claude sa bottom


Buy Hunter's Knife

Unlock second skill

Kill the buff

Meet Claude at the green jungle monster to kill it together and faster

Recall to just let Claude clear the next minion wave when you have low health.

Go back to your lane if Leomord is not having trouble in the top lane.

Your next objective is to kill a goldcrab or a hero to get to level 4.

If you are on toplane, rotate to midlane by passing through the green jungle monster first and kill it. Clear midlane then go to the next green jungle monster then to the buff.

What's your objective now? Of course to get your first core item. It can be an Endless Battle or rush Blade of Despair.

If you are getting kills, then you can get Blade of Despair faster.

By: AdminGanda / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide